International Skilled or Unskilled?

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    Hey Guys this is my first post, So please don't be too hard on me

    I'm in the Western Carolinas and I have worked for UPS p/t going on 10 years. I got my dollar raise (skilled) in 2001. In 2004 I moved to international clerk and had kept my dollar untill about 4 weeks ago. UPS informed me that International Clerks was not a skilled job.

    Has anyone else had this problem? I talked to my local business agent about this and it didn't sound like to me he wanted to touch this problem. He was like do you think we will win this, This is happening to alot of people?

    Also my other international clerk that I work with has kept there dollar so far and they have less senority.

    I had to sign a bid list to become a clerk so I thought it was a perfered job. Any help would greatly be apperciated!

    Thank You!
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    I'm not entirely sure, but I'm pretty sure that it isn't a skilled job. The fact that you signed up for it on a bid doesn't make a difference I don't think because for any type of major job change / duty change, you have to sign a bid sheet or transfer sheet.

    I think that the skilled positions are only for workers within the operation that have jobs that require them to think quickly while working at a fast pace. A smalls sorter for a module or a High Pick on an outbound wall, for example. The international clerks at my hub do not fit this description. Even though they have to use the computer and have to verify packages, it is not very fast paced at all.
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    I would think it would be a skilled positon. Is a regular clerk or customer counter considered a skilled position?
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    This was discussed in previous threads and as in your case it was changed from skilled to unskilled.
    General consensus of posters was that most people thought it should be skilled but "It is what it is".

    This is a link to one of those threads:
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    If other people that did/do the job kept the premium, wouldn't "Maintenance of Standards" then come into effect? Welcome to BC, by the way.
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    A couple weeks after I was hired I took and passed the "sort test." For the remainder of my days as a PT package handler I recieved skilled pay. I got that pay no matter what job I was performing. Be it unload, load, clerk, car wash, sort, smallsort, etc... But back then they pretty much fast tracked all new PTers into to skill pay. We had an extremely hard time attracting and keeping employees. That extra 1$ was definately appreciated.