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  1. dukey24

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    What do you do in internationals? There is an opening but I'm curious as to what it's all about?
  2. Billy Ray

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    I suppose you would process the international pickup pieces for your center/hub, and make sure that all the requirements for shipment have been met.
  3. FrigidFTSup

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    Scan the package, verify the information in the system, pull an invoice if it isn't an EDI. If you're the origin you key your initials and send it. If you're in a hub, you just send it. Rinse and repeat. Not a bad gig.
  4. iowa boy

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    Not much to it. Pretty easy money. 90% of the ODC clerk job is very simple, just like Frigid said, but when there is a problem with a shipment, it can be a pain in the buttcheek to figure out sometimes.

    I was a backup ODC until I went driving so whenever I covered for the regular person while they were on vacation, I would have at least one shipment a week that would be a pain to deal with, or you would have some 'keyed not imaged' show up on your final report or a package where you scanned the invoice and didn't key in your initials cuz you were in a hurry. So you would have to fix your screw-ups too.
  5. FrigidFTSup

    FrigidFTSup Resident Suit

    They made a new UDC program that is web based. It's soooo much easier. Like night and day. The old one though I agree, If you made one little error. Forget about it.
  6. iowa boy

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    That's good then. Not that I want to step back and do it again, but at least its easier for the next phase of employee to deal with.
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    I would love to have this International

  8. rod

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    I had a 1958 International ----it was a tank.

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    You don't see those every day. The true subject of this thread isn't what I thought it would be.
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    The only Internationals I ever drove were some of the old P-400's. More agricultural vehicles than package cars.

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    What did you expect from a manufacturer of tractors and farm equipment? International HARVESTER.