Interview at a Ohio Freight location for road driver

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    What can I expect if im hired. Do they have over night trips? Do they have to touch any freight or where the dock at the location there going to? I have see job postings as a tractor trailer driver and a road driver, is there a difference?
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    What city in Ohio?
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    freight I take it not small package
    freight driver LHD can't help you
    road driver you more than likely will be on adhoc which means they can call you any time day or night to fill in and run extra freight ,they can send you out to drive wild witch means taking hours in different cities (in other words they own you) ,we have adhoc drivers that been on adhoc for years. some weeks when it;s winter time and vacations are over you might work a couple days a week, if you have a wife or girlfriend get used to her being :censored2: all the time cause they have gift off calling you out only when you have plans. This company lives for 2 things MAKING MONEY OFF YOUR ASS AND PISSING YOU OFF and if they can do both they go home with a erection......Good Luck My Friend