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  1. Hi guys and gals. I'm lousy at these forum websites so bear with me. ;)

    I applied to a seasonal driver helper position today and at the end I was automatically given an interview date (tomorrow). What should I expect? I know I won't be training as the interview isn't at the UPS facility. It's at a bus station near my town. Do I come dressed up like at any interview? Am I supposed to be super strong? I'm 23 and weigh 135 pounds. I'm a hard worker and I always kickass in what I do (at least I try). I'm hoping it could turn into something long term, but I won't get myself excited. I live between two UPS drivers (they're sisters) so I know somewhat what the schedule is like. I know they work their butts off and don't quit till the job is done. I want to be a part of that atmosphere!

    Any advice for me?
  2. Work hard make a good impression. Tell them at the interview that you are looking for a permanent job.
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    I have an interview tomorrow as well! Goodluck mate. Ignore Chickenlegs, he is having a bad day obviously.
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  5. iruhnman630

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    not a good day for that username.

    If you are not in a warm climate your job as a helper is to carry packages and be cold.
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  6. iruhnman630

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    if you have transportation to get to a meet point anywhere in the area, and you are physically able to move, you're hired.
  7. iruhnman630

    iruhnman630 Well-Known Member

    Nothing permanent but if you ever do go for a permanent job later a good record as a helper will almost guarantee a hire.
  8. @ChikenLegs Read my VERY first sentence. Secondly, be useful and kind. I've had several people reply to my thread without being rude.
  9. Seahawks were bad today. But yeah it's getting colder and the weather is pretty unpredictable aside from being wet most the time.
  10. Wally

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    They put this under nose. It it fogs up, you are hired!
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  11. upschuck

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    Just show up in societally normal everyday clothes, nothing special is required. They will tell, usually a group of up to 20 people, what the job entails, and sometimes interview people that still want the job. In years past, you get very little training in classroom, and driver trains on you first day. Depending how busy they are on the first day, is how much training you get.

    Most cases, the driver is your boss, and can make your day good, or bad, long or short(following days), or if you even keep you with a single driver, or moved around between different ones. My first day, I goofed as a helper, and was with a different driver the next day, goofed again, and with a third driver which I made him run under, and was with him the rest of the year.
  12. sortaisle

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    It's harder work than you expect. Most if not all people are surprised at what we do. Most people think we have a mostly empty truck and just cruise around all day. It'll be an educational experience for you if nothing else.
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    Do a search.
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  14. Don Spite

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    No, not really.
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    bleedinbrown58 ahhh....the mouth breathers

    Interviews at a bus station? lol
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    Get back on the bus
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    Eat more!
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    That's what my boy Bubbles says
    On Trailer Park Boys