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    I have some interview/tour questions I was hoping someone could help me out within the next day as I have my interview on Wednesday.

    I am applying as a permanent part time package handler with the goal of becoming a driver. I have talked to myself or had family members talk with local drivers that we have daily contact with and I have heard a lot of positive information. From what I am hearing, in my area it is a 2-3 years wait to become driver. My girlfriend and I are looking at settling down within the next 5 years and I feel like this is a very good option for me as I have ruled out going back to school for the most part. I will look into UPS tuition reimbursement a little more if I get in the door.

    I want to make a good impression when I go on the tour but I don't want to push too hard. Do I emphasize to HR that I am here to one day become a driver or do I just casually mention it? What else can I do to show them that I want to be here and that I want this job? I am not fully banking on this job as my lifelong career but I would like to give it a shot as I think I will like it and I know it pays well and would be good for my(future) family.

    I have read around a little bit about the interview/tour and I should just be wearing jeans/khakis and a polo/button down. I don't have any boots yet and the only shoes that I have that aren't tennis shoes, are a pair of wingtips:

    Too fancy for jeans and a polo or should I go out and buy some boots that I will be working in? Lastly, is there anything else I should know? From what I have read up about it is a pretty basic interview and it is a pretty basic job. Sorry for all the questions and words, I am probably over thinking this too much. I look forward to the career opportunities down the road and would like to at least get my foot in the door to see what everything is about. Thanks!
  2. I wore a t-shirt with :censored2: in it and jeans. Dc shoes.... I actually was trying to not get hired. Didn't work.
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    That is how I dress when I go car shopping.
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    Does it decrease the price of Nissan Altima's to dress like that?
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    I have seen people in suits, and also seen people in pretty grungy clothes, as well. Both offered employment. Don't go out and buy anything until you get the job. It doesn't matter what you wear for tour and interview.
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    Well thanks everyone for the responses. :-)

    I start Monday the 20th. The lady I was working with in HR said not too long ago a guy came in wanting to be a driver and got it after 2 months because they were short on drivers. Obviously that isn't going to happen(I very much doubt it) but my local driver did say it is around 1.5-2 year wait at the moment. Looking forward to getting started.
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    Yes----the salesman felt so bad for me that he threw in floor mats and a year of oil changes.