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    Hello everyone I am currently in the process of interviewing for a part time supervisor position. I have done some extensive research on the forums about what to expect and what happens if I am offered the job. I do have a few questions I was hoping someone could answer for me. First a little about myself I was in the Air Force for 6 years as a Operations Controller. My job was to oversee all flight line and logistics operations such as upload, and downloads of all aircrafts military and commercial. I would check all the cargo and passengers brief crew members on all kinds of manifest information receive signatures and input data into a couple different software programs. I also had to make sure all the sections were doing their jobs whether it was cargo handlers, passenger personnel, or the people who handled with hazardous material. I wasn't a supervisor or a manager I just had lazy management that made me do their jobs because they out ranked me. I worked 12 hour night shifts for 6 years inside and outside the U.S. which does eat away at your soul.

    This year I will be completing my bachelors degree in Logistic Operations Management and I want to build a career with in a logistic company. I have applied at Amtrak, BNSF, Union Pacific, UPS, FedEx, and a couple of very large wineries. UPS is the first company to get back to me about a job. The hub in my area which is located in Ceres, CA is a very small facility and I am hoping the work load is not to hectic coming from the largest logistics military hub in the world. My question is has anyone on here moved into more of a corporate level of UPS after starting at the bottom? Maybe not even corporate, but just a higher paying full time position. How difficult is it to move out of these hubs into a different job within UPS.

    Sorry for the long post I appreciate everyones help and information thank you.