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    Hello, there. I have been lurking here for a couple weeks. I had an "appointment" at a center near me a few weeks back. I was just wondering what to expect now? They were advertising help for a Full-Time, temporary, seasonal Package Delivery Drivers. I got an e-mail confirming the appointment, but the e-mail said it was "part-time cover driver".

    At the appointment (it never said interview, we never took a tour) out of like 15 guys, 4 of us showed up! Took us back one by one and explained the job. They said they had 5 guys internally interested in driving, and [I assume] we, the ones that showed up for appointment will be "off the street" hires. Anyway, I have had my CDL for years, and have the required DOT physical card. The interviewer seemed really happy that my most recent job was driving a coal bucket.

    That was 2 weeks ago. I called the next day after appointment. Guy said I was his first pick, given my qualifications, but had to wait for internal guys first, but they definitely were going to need more drivers. I have not had a driving test yet, just the appointment with the other guys.

    Just curious if anyone here can give me some guidance on what possibly might be the next step for someone in my position. I'm trying to enjoy the time off now, because I figure IF I get the job, I'll be working nonstop til after Christmas! But my Significant Other is kind of getting anxious....because Christmas is coming and we need the income!!

    Thanks in advance for any help
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    My guess is they are waiting for the seasonal period to kick in(varies by supplement) for any new hires in the near future. They do need to take 6 from the inside for every 1 from the street, if inside people are qualified. I would think they are also hiring for the feeder(semi) dept too.
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    Thanks, upschuck.
    Yes, they are hiring feeder positions. I don't have Class A license, though. They also said we would be covering during peak and also for the spring and especially to cover for drivers taking vacation in summer.