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    Hello Everyone. This Is My Introduction And I have Some Questions. I Know A Few People That Work For UPS. Im Soon Going To Be Working For UPS as A Package Handler. Like A lot Of People My goal Is To become A Driver. My Start date Will Probably Be Within The next Week ,Two At The Most. Ive Been Cruising This Forum Quite A Bit For The Past few Days And Im aware This Year Has Been Crazy For How Many People Theyve Been Putting Through As Drivers. Ive Also Been Told By Someone I Personally Know in That Hub said That A Couple People They Know Of Became Drivers After 6 months Or so. So My Question(s) is For Anyone In The Pacific Hub.

    1)Are There Still A Lot Of Slots still Open For Drivers This Ye ar In Pacific (i Heard It Was Suppose To be 18/19 for The Year)?

    2)I Also Knew Someone That When They Were becoming A Package Handler That They were Told The Wait For A Green package Handler Was 8 or So Years. Realistically How Long Would I Have To Wait Approx.

    3)this Question Really Ties In W/question 2. reading Through This Forum I see At Different Hubs Factors that Are Keeping Pters From Becoming Drivers. They Dont Want To, too Young, DUIs, not Qualifying Etc Etc. Again This Is The Same as Question Two. How Major Are these Factors At Pacific? (i Really Wanna Be A Driver as Soon As Possible)

    4) what Are The Chances Of Me Going Into The Second Interview For Pkg Handler And Expressingly How Badly I Wanna Be A Driver and they Say "you Know What I Think We found someone we Need To Hire "off The Street"" ;D (as A Driver)

    5)how Strong Is Our Union? Better Yet How Good Is Our Union rep?

    I Apolagize For The Bad Grammar And Every Stinkin Word Being Capatalized. Phone Decided It Wants To Be A Tweak On This Site

    Thank You in Advanced Everyone!
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    Oh Yeah Forgot My Moist
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    5) Weaker than our 2nd quarter drop!
    *thank you, thank you *
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    I'm not from the pacific but I can answer one question from my experience

    #4. No chance in hell unless you worked as a courier at FedEx... then maybe 5%

    The HR lady was intrigued that I had experience from FedEx. My interview were package handler questions but when I let her know I worked at FedEx and that I was a courier she asked me a few driving related questions at the end.

    But I got a ticket last year so that was it for that until September.
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    Ya I Figured there Wasnt Much Of A Chance. But Im Not To Worried About It, i Know UPS In General Has Been Hiring Drivers Like crazy. The Hub Ive Been Interviewed At Isnt too Big and Ive Heard From A Driver I Know There That The quota Of new drivers This Year Is 18/19. They Are Also opening A New Hub Nearby To Relieve Stress From the Two Hubs Nearby (mine Included). So Maybe Theres a Possibility There. Either way How Much Theyre Hiring Drivers In The end if I Have To Wait One To Two Years Its Worth It. Thanks for The Reply.
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    Moist best handle ever!!

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