Investigation reveals North Korea sank South Korean ship

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, May 20, 2010.

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    This is the biggest news story in Asia, but sadly not here.
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    What will we do now?

    South Korea's president has vowed that North Korea will pay the price for its "brutality" in the deadly sinking of South Korean naval ship in March.
    "We have always tolerated North Korea's brutality, time and again. We did so because we have always had a genuine longing for peace on the Korean peninsula," Lee Myung-bak said on Monday.

    Seoul: North will pay for sinking
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    What can anyone due to North Korea...they can get away with murder. If China and Russia steped up to the plate then something could be done...
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    Since the Korean War was never declared over, its time for South Korea to start bombing the North, but instead of explosives drop bags of rice.
    In a land of constant starvation free food will win over the people .
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    Here's a step :

    Canada imposes sanctions on North Korea

    2 hours, 44 minutes ago

    By The Canadian Press

    OTTAWA - Canada is imposing sanctions on North Korea for the sinking of a South Korean naval vessel in March.

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper says in a statement issued today that the sanctions will include enhanced restrictions on trade, investment and other bilateral relations with North Korea. The government will also suspend high-level visits to Canada by North Korean officials.

    The sinking of the Cheonan on March 26 near the Koreas' western maritime border killed 46 sailors. Three experts from the Canadian Navy joined the multinational team that investigated the incident, and concluded the warship was sunk by a torpedo.

    Harper's statement says, "Canada has condemned the reckless North Korean regime for this egregious violation of international law and its blatant disregard of its international obligations."

    He pledged Canada's support of South Korean President Lee Myung-bak's decision to respond decisively to the "act of aggression."

    The statement adds that Canada is committed to a co-ordinated international response, including through the United Nations Security Council.
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    Wow!!! Thats awsome!!! Canada is one tuff customer. That will show the north...they have to be scared now of Canada's international response and added sanctions...i guess no maple syrup for Kim. LMAO!!! :rofl:
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    Yup, leave it up to the "socialist liberal country" to do the work !
    As of this last sentence, that you totally ignored :
    Means Canada will be pushing the UN later today, to follow suit.

    And btw, A US trade embargo from Canada, would not just put a few bottles of maple syrup off your shelfs, but would shut down your oil, gas and electricity supply, as well as agriculture products.

    Your personal vehicle would be off the road, and probably some UPS fleet as well.

    Canada might be a small country population wise. But we are the largest supplier of natural resources and agriculture (food products), on the planet. (just incase you didn't know).
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    The U.N. is a worthless P.O. ES.
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    Only because it didn't join the war with Iraq, right ?
    They were in Yugoslavia, they are in Afghanistan.

    But, said no to Iraq, just like Canada did.
    The UN felt no need to go into Iraq, as those weapons of mass destructions were false allegations made from the Bush administration.

    So, who was useless, again ?
    Oh, and what was the link of Saddam or Teheran to 9-11 , to justify such an action of war ?
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