ios8 new iPhone 6 & 6+

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  1. is anyone falling into this criteria? It seems like this site isn't working very well in the last three weeks since all this new stuff came out.
  2. ViewAskew

    ViewAskew Active Member

    I have not downloaded 8.0.2. Bugs all around (still). Going to wait it out.

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  3. undies

    undies Active Member

    I have no room in my phone. Who makes an OS that takes up half of your phones storage space,!!
  4. Overpaid Union Thug

    Overpaid Union Thug Well-Known Member

    I'm on an old android version on my equally outdated Casio GzOne Commando. Every once in a while I have trouble getting on BC or it crashes when I'm already in and reading. Usually restarting my phone fixes the problem. I'm due for an upgrade very soon and I am not really considering an iPhone 6. Lets just say it's near the very bottom of my list of phones that I will look at.
  5. aiian

    aiian Active Member

    Zero issues here.

    iOS8 isn't any bigger than iOS 7, it only needs that much room for the install.