Iowa sideshow

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    | Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 10:04 am |
    Iowa Dems Not Exactly Fired Up To Listen To Obama: “There Was No Cheering, Chanting or Clapping” During Video Address…

    Zzzzz . . . zzzzz . . . zzzzz.
    (CBS News) — “Hello, Iowa!” President Obama opened a video conference Tuesday, strategically scheduled the same night as a possible future Republican opponent emerged from caucuses in the same state.

    As he made his case for re-election, Mr. Obama took on a conciliatory tone, telling Iowans he needed more time to keep campaign promises made when he won the Iowa caucuses four years ago.

    Voters were engaged in the video, but there was no cheering, chanting or clapping for the president’s message during the address, distributed to more than 200 caucus locations throughout Iowa.
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