Iraq and the US Made Social Safety Net

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    I've heard so many decry (and rightly so) the federal gov't takeover of what we know as the social safety net in all it's varying forms. The reasons are everything from "no constitutional authority" to just down to violating basic priciples of human freedom of various stripes and among many of those who oppose various safety net features, they also hold true to the belief that the war in Iraq was purely about freedom and democracy after deposing of Saddam who was a piece of :censored2:, no argument from me on that.

    I think what does get overlooked however by those who oppose the domestic safety net and our tax dollars being used as such is the fact that in Iraq, a similar safety net is being built obviously on a similar ideal to the American version using again US Taxpayer dollars by various federal agencies including the agency known as USAID. In building a similar version to the US model, those who oppose domestic US versions must now answer the question, do they only oppose such ideas only as a matter of law as in lacking standing in Constitutional authority or would they oppose such general idea of social practice on grounds of pure principle relating to human freedom? Also if they oppose the use of taxpayer dollars at home for such activities, then do they also oppose such activities abroad? If this domestic version is called socialism at home then is it also socialism abroad? Can we then honestly say we are taking freedom abroad or are we exporting nothing more than an Americanized model of socialism? Also make note in the Safety Net article that the program was established in December 2005' so this has been in place now for over 4 years and not just a recent occurrance of some radical socialistic cause celeb.

    But USAID had help in it mission to spread the socialist good of the American State. You might even call these folks "agents of socialist change" and it was their presence on the ground that enabled "safety net" benefits to be put in place and help the misfortunate with needed welfare services. Funny we give so much credit to these good folks for so many other things but enabling the good working order of welfare systems is never one of them.

    I also wonder if being so critical of the welfare system here at home, we aren't also doing disservice to those who go in harms way to do the same thing abroad. I mean, isn't it almost unpatriotic to attack something at home as being evil and socialistic when our best and brightest are advancing that very same agenda abroad?

    OK, I admit it!
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    Now Haiti is getting some M-16 Welfare although the kinder, gentler version.

    Want to practice Marxism and spread welfare's goodwill across the globe?

    Just go be All You Can Be!

    I wonder how many who de-cried the gov't stepping in to help the folks after Katrina are the same one's who champion the military state who go elsewhere to do exactly what many opposed being done after Katrina?