Iraqi insurgents use 8 year old girl as sucide bomber

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    An eight-year-old girl was strapped with remote-controlled explosives and used as a human bomb by Iraqi insurgents in a blast that killed an Iraqi commander earlier today.

    An Iraqi captain was killed and seven other soldiers were injured in the explosion which took place in the town of Youssifiyah, south of Baghdad.
    The explosives were detonated as the girl approached the Iraqi commander.
    A curfew has now been imposed in the area, and American troops are said to be hunting for those responsible.
    "I can confirm that a female suicide bomber attacked an Iraqi Army position," said a U.S Army spokesman.
    Involving women in fighting violates religious taboos in Iraq, but extremists are recruiting females and youths to stage suicide attacks in a desperate attempt to beat tightened security measures.
    Women can avoid thorough searches at checkpoints because of Islamic sensitivities, and four have carried out suicide bombings since November.
    In February, Iraqi insurgents used two women with Downs Syndrome as human bombs in a blast that killed 99 people in Baghdad.
    The women were apparently fooled into wearing explosive vests which were then detonated remotely by mobile phones as they mingled with crowds. It is unclear whether this latest blast used the same method for detonating the bomb.
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    Bunch of real nice terrorists, heh. To kill a little girl. Pretty sorry bunch. Cant fight their own battle.
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    This is why I hate these people......that's right, HATE. They don't value women (girls) at all.

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    Never mind that did not work either.