Is America Ungovernable?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Nov 24, 2009.

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    I do not think it is ungovernable. however I do believe the Federal government has become entirely too big and has way over stepped its bounds. Local government should always be the backbone of a democracy, although there is a need for a Federal government, its uses should be more for the foreign policies and allow the local governments to take care of their own localities. Of course this can only work if and when the people get involved in their government!!
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    I agree. Government has gotten too big and we have "Professional " Politicians. Term Limits -such as what we have on the Presidency would help a little. Fresh people--with fresh ideas not bound to special interests groups ---more people with real life and business experience are sorely needed.
    Obama described what I am trying to say very eloquently --REAL CHANGE--I at one time believed him -----When he took the oath of the Presidency and moved into the Oval office ----NO CHANGE --same old politics, same old special interests groups ---same same same. It is really frustrating.
    I mentioned a true strong viable third party possibility --I believe middle America is more than ready for it ----but you will see --many will respond that it is a "Tea Bag" fantasy. If the silent majority does not finally stand up ---I would have to agree ---we will jump between democrats and republicans -- the "Power Grab" politics will go on and on :sad-little:
    Do we really believe that the McCAINS --Byrds---Dodds --etc --are capable of governing our country Honestly ????
    They are only interested in Power--living a liesure life of attending the Senate tues thru thurs --Traveling first class mondays and fridays--attending fund raisers and special interest groups events and dinners,recieve an excellent salary 150,000 + excellent health benefits for life and also after being in office only one term --qualify to recieve 100% of the salary as pension --the rest of their lives--they have voted all of these benefits for themselves --we let them ---as they cry and take bows on how HARD it is to SERVE the people!!!!!:angry:
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    I knew you were a little out ther but had no idea you were an anarchist!!

    By the way, some form of government is absolutely necesarry, IMO, just not so much of it!!