Is anyone very knowledgable about our health benefits?

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    Looking over my car insurance coverages and I noticed I had "Medical Payments", or MedPay for short. With my health care benefits from the Union at UPS I'm wondering if it makes any sense to keep the "Medical Payments" on my car insurance. The MedPay on my car insurance only costs me $20 a year and only covers $5,000 per accident so its not really a big deal, but why even have it if the Union health care benfits will cover all or most potential medical issues associated with car accidents in my personal verhicle. If it makes sense to keep it I'm sure I could even increase the coverage from $5,000 to alot more for very little more premium.

    Does anyone have enough knowledge about UPS's health care benefits to say if "Medical Payments" on my car insurance is a waste or not?
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    There are many different insurance plans covering UPSers. You will have to check your particular Summary Plan Description, under "Auto Accidents" and "Third Party Payments."

    In Massachusetts under Local 25's coverage, you personally, or your auto insurance company, are responsible for the first $8,000 in expenses.
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    Did everyone receive a hard copy version of the "Summary Plan Description"? If we did I have no idea what happened to mine. I rarely ever use the healthcare benefits so I could have easily of just thrown that paperwork out a while ago thinking it wasnt of much importance. I am in Local 25 and and on the website "" under Programs > Active Medical Program > Network Blue Newengland / Tufts Exclusive Provider Option, the "Teamsterscare Medical Benefits" section in that PDF seems to show whats covered in terms of hospital related stuff, but I dont see anything relating to $8,000. Maybe I'm not in the right place? I dunno you'll have to bear with me because I have very little experience dealing with the health care benefits in general. So you know why some of my questions relating to this stuff seem inexperienced.

    Is there a better place that lists what were covered by in the Teamsterscare Local 25, or should I try to obtain another hard copy?

    I remember a short while ago receiving something in the mail about Tufts being the new provider now.
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    It seems like Tufts is my provider now. I do remember creating a new account on Tufts website but after doing some searching around I couldnt find an online version of the Plan Document. I guess I'll just contact Tufts and ask them were I can obtain this Plan Document.
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    See page 63 of the Teamsterscare Active Members Summary Plan Description (Sept. 2007).
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    I found it online at the teamsterscare website. Before I didnt see the link at the bottom of the page were I had to agree to the terms and then was able to see the Summary Plan. I found it by searching google for the "Teamsterscare Active Members Summary Plan Description" and then noticing the link it was located at.
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    One more question though,

    In the Plan Summary is says:

    "If you live in Massachusetts, or any other state with mandatory no-fault insurance, and you are covered by such insurance, then any medical claim or lost wages resulting from a motor vehicle accident are covered by the mandatory no-fault insurance. The no-fault policy will be liable for medical, presciption drug, dental benefits and / or lost wages up to the first $8,000 of expenses - or the maximum amount called for by the law, whichever is greater."

    When is says "maximum amount called for by the law" is it referring to the limit that I chose on my insurance or some other maximum amount that I'm not aware of?