Is Combo 22.3 still already processed elimination?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by I'mTheMan, Aug 30, 2008.

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    I have a question to ask you to all UPSers across the country, have all of it's hubs, airport and been 22.3 gone already or is there still some still have in some states? Here in Seattle, The Boeing Field Hub have one more week then will be gone as no full time job there no more, it will be replaced by cheaper part timers to work Boeing Field. Boeing field still planning to look for more 60 new part timers to add with. Seattle Hub still have some 22.3 there and Redmond Hub have 80 22.3 jobs there still. Our Union will hold a meeting on Sept 2nd at Boeing Field to discuss 22.3 jobs because Boeing Field must have full time job there and even if it was plan to close the night sort but found out that it will remain open and have the supervisors to be doing it and some part timers to do it as well. I was the one that eliminated from 22.3 full time combo jobs from Boeing Field since Aug 1st and was put back to part time at Seattle Hub after 6 years. I am currently on a full time pay rate but soon the company may force me to accept part time pay rate and no longer be on full time pay rate because of part time employment. I have a feeling that I may never get my full time job back as UPS are still getting rid of all the full timers and going back to part timers before the 1997 strike we had. UPS still made it very clear that never wanted full times for combo jobs, ever! I need your feedback and your input on this? Maybe it's the new CEO has been making all of it's decision since took office since January of this year?
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    Like Ive pointed out, theres nowhere in the contract where it says UPS has to have THEIR 22.3 positions, they could have all their ft positions at the major hubs, but generally speaking they spread the wealth of positions throughout the company. The only thing UPS did wrong in your situation is they didnt go about it the right way, so at the most youll probably only get back pay for the hours you didnt get to work, and still be stuck at pt. Pt adds more flexibility to operations that FT cant offer

    It is true Scott Davis is good/hard on the financial end of things, but this is a decisions thats a little below his pay grade. He has to control one of the most profitable companies in this day, expand it, gain against the competition and report to the stock holders....these decisions were most likely made at the region or district level....theyve put some more agressive ops managers at those levels in the past year, who walk into an operation see you in the break room getting a water asks if your on the clock, yes, goes to your manager and says we dont need that position anymore. Its plain and simple UPS should have followed the rules, but they ultimately have control of their operations and as long as they replace them somewhere else....theyre in the clear
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    Still here, on the east coast. Oh they make noise about " touching " them, but they won't because it gives them "free " { workers that are coded off, being paid for, somewhere else } hours to use.