Is every local this weak>??

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    Long tenured employee, never had to file but had an issue with being forced to work on black friday!! They way they are doing this (handshake deal) is clearly against the contract!! My union officials tried to talk me out of filing a grievance and did the same with my co workers!!

    So i went ahead and filed 4 !!! Its pretty bad when your local is lazy and dont want to earn their 6 figure salary!
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    The Friday after Thanksgiving falls under Art 40 of the National Master and is not superseded by any local or regional language.
    This is provided for in the preamble for Art 40.
    What specifically was done in contradiction to this language?
    It gets old reading these incomplete accusations.
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    Professors get tenure. UPS employees have seniority.
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    Well first off since i was forced to come in and ruin my holiday i requested my daily guarantee (days in advance) and only got 4 hours...
    next i was forced to make service on ground packages... i think ill win them two..... the double time i may lose but they will think twice next year when they want to twist the contract around..
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    relax fella u shoUld be getting ready for your 250 stops tomorrow go ice up them feet and get some running shoes out
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    Once all they have all PT and FT air working they put up a list seniority rules if not enough people sign the list they have the right to force from the bottom.

    Did you request you 8 hours in Writing ?? If not your SOL. Your should get paid 8 hours for the Holiday and time and half for your hours worked.

    Read the Contract as Bubblehead said the day after thanksgiving falls under Article 40: read the section pertaining to holidays...
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    I have trouble with my local as well. Business agent has completely laid down, president of my local won't return phone calls or emails. I guess I will just call the international and hope for the best.
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    Are you a cover driver? What's your center seniority? Were there any drivers not working with less seniority than you? You were kind of vague on the details.
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    Calling the International is a losing proposition. Hoffa isn't going to help you. That's a big reason why many locals are the way they are. The only option is the one very few ever do: going to your Saturday meetings and start raising your voice. Better yet, get a group of you guys/gals, sit together and hammer away. They are less likely to ignore you if you are in numbers. And call, call, call. Leave message after message after message. In other words, let your officials you're mad, and you DEFINITELY not going away. The union is an active democracy. Like a muscle, it suffers from atrophy if it isn't used.
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    Agree with Baba Gounj.

    Article 40 is the problem, not the union. I was a 22.3 air driver and gave it up, because the company abuses 22.3 air drivers and the contract language. And it's not that the union is weak, it's that Article 40 is poorly conceived and full of holes.

    One thing I will say is that when forced to work a holiday as an air driver, we (here in NE) always can take an extra day off in lieu of that worked holiday. If you worked black friday, you have the option of taking the next working day off. :)
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    Article 40 is not clear at all!! It say 2 different things!! Says i should get paid supplmental rate (double time) and then it says straight time.. Ohhh and we do have article 22.3 jobs and also article 40 jobs i have an artice 22.3...
    #1 i def have an argument on this matter
    #2 i was instructed to make service on grounds (and did) = $$$$
    #3 i did request my guarantee to my sups and union officals (only got offered 4 hours) = $$$$
    the bottom line is that this union official did not want to take a grievance and tried to talk us all out of it!!
    This man also serves on the national air committee!! I dont feel safe with someone like that negot our contract!
    but we all got together and filed away!!! Over 20 grievances!!!
  12. article22

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    looks like its happening all over... My ba talked with all of us one by one and tried to talk us out of it... I mean i made service on ground!!! Thats a slam dunk!!! He said it was only a few!!!! Hahahaah contract dont say anything about except only a few.....
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    Why are you delivering ground? We only deliver air that day.
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    If you are an air guy article 40 read the contract you have to work at straight plus the day .I have been fighting the battle for years good luck but you loose. You may have an argument on the 8 hours my understanding is that you have to waive the other 4. With the TSA badge there may not be anyone else to do your job a catch 22 ( no pun intended).Best you can do is bust the BA chops.What is up with the grounds ?
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    Yes the locals are very weak my seniority was somehow changed as of last year and another employee who is in tight with young management got time over me SOMEHOW he had no time over me last year but does now When i contacted my union rep in STL. he avoided me and would never give me and answer so i went to someone else and they did the same i have the facts i did my research with labor relations but the union does not want to back me,PTers are dirt to everyone in my area drivers treat us like crap as well as management and the union. What am i suppose to do i have a spotless record with this company never missed in 3 yrs never late no miss loads.
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    We have a few 22.3 guys in our center, they are always asked to work a six day pouch, whenever there saturdays guys are off or call in sick. As far as the day after Thanksgiving most of them say yes, and call out that friday morning. Sick is sick
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    Supplemental pay for all hours worked, straight time for holiday pay. You will need to get paid full time driver supplemental rate of pay(8 hour guarantee, since you asked for it) for working the holiday, since you delivered ground packages, and then get paid full time driver rate of pay for the 8 hours holiday pay, again, since you delivered ground packages that day you are at the driver rate of pay. If that's not what you filed for on the grievance, your loss, since the 5 days has already lapsed.
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    Article 40 sucks.
    You get double time if you work on a Holiday. As in a Holiday that is nationally observed. (such as thanksgiving day and new years day)
    Air drivers get straight time for Black Friday wich is not a national holiday. New years eve day is a ups holiday but not nationally observed. This work is offered to air drivers first and they are also forced first. Then it goes to the ground drivers. Offered top down, forced bottom up and they get time and a half.
    Article 40 sucks.

    I'm not sure why they gave you ground stops, but at least you should get the top ground driver pay, for all hours worked.

    Did you win your grievance?
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    Still waiting for an answer.