Is everything in UPS last minute?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by btrlov, Jun 19, 2010.

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    I just went through the mapp process and go into a sup class training Monday. Then my training manager tells me it just canceled last min and another one perhaps in a week. i had my test last min, and met the div manager last min. nothing is in advance. My HUB(NY) was supposedly in need of sups. Now I am discouraged and dont even want to work anymore. been there two years, but im getting burned out. should i wait or just quit, my career just ground to a halt. i dont know if they are bull****ing me or stringing me along. My ft doesnt seem to care, just cares about me loading heavy ass boxes forever for 150 a week, (no support) while he watches for 1500 a week. Has anyone experienced this?
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    Anything PT at UPS is not a career, that's the bottom line. Anyone can see how the company operates. nothing is planned, nothing is set in stone. Everything is reactive not proactive. There are no set rules and there is no loyalty. PT supervisor is not going to get you into FT for a very very long time, so at this point anyone with a realistic point of view will tell you stay put.
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    i dont want to be ft, i just need some extra money, and marketable job title
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    Perhaps they are simply testing your patience and how you respond to changing conditions.

    Or they could just be screwing with you.
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    How long have you worked at UPS? I would suggest that you wait at least 6 mos and work through peak before going into management.

    I have always been full time at UPS and therefore have no experience with PT work. I can only add that I think the PT supervisor job is thankless. You get alot of grief from the drivers and pressure and negative feedback from the full time sups. If this is not the career of your choice then you have to decide how much you are willing to put up with to achieve your goals. Part time sups have access to tuition assistance and it looks good on resumes. It couldn't hurt on any future job applications actually. If you stay hourly, then you just sling the boxes and go home, with the union at your back if you ever need it. If you go into management, you are on your own if your job is in jeopardy. If you decide that management is not for you, then there is no reason that you couldn't get a 2nd job for the extra income you need at this time. Holding down two jobs would reflect positively on applications as well.

    Personally, I would never go into management, it's just not for me. I have enough to deal with in my life and don't need the additional stress. I have known some PT sups that have moved on to a career of their choice, the job was just a means to an end.

    I wish you the best of luck in your decision.
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    I'm not saying this to be mean, it's just an observation.

    If your interviewers picked up on your current attitude of "just needing some extra money" and "having a marketable job title", then that may have something to do with the run-around you're now experiencing. If you really want to move up in the company, you need to learn how to walk the walk, and talk the talk. I hope you know what I'm getting at.
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    If you think your going to "stand around and watch" for $1500 a week as a part time sup your sadly mistaken. Quit now.
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    Hope you get your pt sup job. You can then live a stress free life where you have lots of respect from both sides and work with a wonderful group of uppermanagement who will bend over backwards to make sure you have all the help and tools you need to get the job done in UPS's very fair time constraints. Sunshine and lollipops to ya kid. :happy2:
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    Oh....I thought he worked at UPS....
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    I have never ever heard of such a thing. the nerve of it all. you should quit immediately rather then be subjected to such brutality.
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    i believe that they except people into management that cant perform there job now, then they wait to see how u adapt to your new postion and if you become an ******* and take it deep from your peers than your golden, but if you dont your either shipped to a diff building that you DO NOT WANT TO BE, or fired nice and easy,, good luck pal
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    I wood axpact that u are rite obout that.
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    Hooked on phonics worked for me.
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    We've had more than several people in my center make a career out of PT work. We have two retires already and stand to have several more retire.
  15. UnsurePost

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    Ok, I admit, maybe in some areas of the U.S. where cost of living is 3rd world levels and they were extremely smart with their money. Sure, there were PT employees that made out like bandits when the company was privately traded from what I have heard and read. There are exceptions to most every rule. In this day and age, the average PT sup in a moderate market area is not retiring comfortably as a PT employee with no other income. **Just IMO**
    Ok, I admit, maybe in some areas of the U.S. where cost of living is 3rd world levels and they were extremely smart with their money. Sure, there were PT employees that made out like bandits when the company was privately traded from what I have heard and read. The average PT sup in a moderate market area is not retiring comfortably as a PT'er.s a PT'er.
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    I see everyones point of view. but look at ur situation ur FULLTIME, ur wage scale is different than mine anyway. And it takes years to reach a decent wage, and nobody is retiring I see men there that look like their in there late 60s, just raping ups, leaving not slots open. I just received a 50 cent raise after one year, thats insane,and to me its morally wrong to pay that wage. it should not take 6 years to make 15/hr in NYC, thats unreasonable to me. My hrs are inconsistent depending on volume and how the sups feel. The union sold us out for the higher dues paying members. Everyone says how management takes abuse, but atleast they are paid a dcent wage for the area We as part timers, ARE taking ABUSE IN OUR POCKETS, were it hurts the most. Who cares about job protection if your worn out and severely underpaid and your own union low balls you in contract negotiations.
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    Its all last minute at ups no planning just confusion.If you think its bad now wait until you get p/t sup .
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    I think you'd be a wonderful pt sup. Go for it!
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    The thing about this, and any other job, is that the door is always open. If you're not comfortable with how you are treated, don't wait till you have many more years to decide you've had enough. By then you will have developed an attitude toward your job and employee's, as many already have. Though the choice is yours, I say fly away while you still can. Go find your dream job that doesn't have these hassles. You'll be a better person for making this choice.

    *Note to all readers: In no way am I saying that UPS is a bad company, or that all mgmt personel have poor attitudes toward the UPS employee's. I am merely saying that I see the OP is frazzled and hasn't had a good experience with what we would call normal, here at UPS. There are plenty of places for the OP to go that would probably be more suitable. Best wishes!

    LOL, the old, both sides of the coin, eh?:happy2:

    Sleeve, most PT'ers I know have a primary source of income and just use UPS's part time position for the bennie's. I know one girl who has over 16 years as a part timer, and is quite comfortable doing exactly this, though she is fully eligible to drive and has turned down the driver position many times.
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    Aw come on, all he has to do is wait til peak again if he wants to see no planning and absolute confusion.:happy-very: