Is he allowed to do this?

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    So a while back,at the beginning of September, I asked my shift supervisor if I could have 2 days off a week because I was starting an internship and had no other choice than to take those days off work. I'm a full time college student and really had no other choice, I'm an unloader and our quad always has people being sent home EVERYDAY, so I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal anyway. A few days later he told me it was ok, but I have to be the best worker in the quad. I always work my ass off when I'm there, I may not be the best, but I always do my job the way its supposed to be done. So last week I was headed to work and my car started smoking, broke down, I was about an hour away so their is absolutely no way I could've made it to work. I called in and let them know I couldn't make it, my car broke down, blah blah blah, mind you I did not just not show up, I let them know I wouldn't be able to come in. A few days ago the same shift supervisor comes up to me and starts telling me my two days off are gone now since I called off. I tell him theres no way I can do it because I already made another commitment to my internship based on the fact he gave me the go-ahead to take those days off, and he then proceeds to threaten to fire me and tells me I should start looking for a new job.

    I guess my main question is, is he allowed to just take those days away he already gave me?
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    Yes this is an extra contract agreement.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Hmm, so I suppose theirs a paper that needs to be signed and he is probably the one that needs to sign it?
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    I disagree,talk to HR and tell them about the situation.
    If you are a hard worker as you claim,then the only reason they are firing you is that
    you are a student trying to get an internship.This was a verbal agreement between you
    and the person that ok'd it.Either you are a problem employee or he did not believe your
    car smoking story.Be aggressive,call them every day.
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    There is no paper to be signed. I would have called the shift supervisor, told him what happened to your car and ask him if he would come and pick you up. He most likely would or could not, but at least you would have made a honest effort to get there. Maybe bringing in your car repair bill and try reasoning with him might help. I would NOT try to go over his head to the center manager. Be professional about this. Good luck.
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    What probably happen was that someone on your shift started to complain that you only work three days a week and if they called in 2 days a week they would be fired. The incident with your car was just a coincidence.

    Any ways you might want to talk to your HR Rep as DS said and explain your situation. However with peak just around the corner things are not on your side. They know you are leaving at some point sooner than later they are going to cut there losses and find someone else that is going to be there 5 days a week. You not showing up 2 days a week makes the rest of the people on your shift and area have to work harder as UPS doesn't just have extra people to call in when you out.
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    UPS doesn't care why he wasn't there just that he wasn't there.

    Every person in the building over his direct SUP already knows the story why he isn't there 2 days a week. His direct SUP is only a messenger he doesn't have the ability to make any decisions without first talking to his manager.

    HE doesn't really have a choice at this point he either works 5 days a week and looses his internship or call out 2 days a week and looses his PT job.
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    no dont look for another job work as much as you can. when you call in always by phone they will write you up then you put in a grievance every time and befor you know it you will be gone ,, no peak will be over your internship will be done and you will still be here. it is peak try to work as much as you can.
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    The sup didnt have the authority to give it to you anyway.
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    No need to go the Guilt Trip route. The poster specifically said, "our quad always has people being sent home EVERYDAY."
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    We had a guy who worked FT at Pepsi and PT on preload. He tries to tender his resignation because of the peak hours conflicting with his job at Pepsi. HR, the center manager and Labor made an arrangement for him to work 3 days a week.
    It is done.

    BTW: This was the guy that smelled dreamy. Man, I loved standing next to him.:wink2:
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