Is hubby hurting his chances of going driver?

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    My husband is working a graveyard shift at a UPS hub near us and he has been for 3.5 years. He works a 9-5 day job too so we're anxious for him to go driver so we can have more of a normal life.

    Because of his difficult schedule, sleep is an issue. Consequently, he is late to work (he starts at midnight and usually gets off at about 3:00) often. Sometimes he is so late he just calls in to use an option day.

    This causes MANY arguments between the 2 of us. My argument is that he should be a better, more reliable worker because he's not going to go driver by being a crappy worker. It shows a low level of work ethic and I don't think any employer likes that. His argument is that as long as he puts in the time, he'll go driver eventually. It's pretty much a guarantee in his eyes.

    So here's the question: Is he hurting his chances of going driver by not showing himself to be a dependable worker? Or does UPS not care about that and when his name is at the top of the list, he'll get called?

    I know I can't get guaranteed answers here. I'm just looking for opinions of others who may know better than I would.

    Thanks so much!! :happy-very:

    **Edited to add: He's probably late to work by about 45 minutes to an hour and this happens about every 2 weeks. Sometimes more often than that.
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    Well it could hurt his chances because he could be fired for being late so much and it presents a better image to be on time but if he is not in trouble and doesn't make it a really bad habit then when he gets enough seniority he will be a driver.
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    hes probably not hurting his chance of going driver, but i'm sure they may take it into consideration when deciding whether or not to keep him on after probationary period
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    Do you mean the probationary period after going driver? How long is that usually? The typical 90 days or so?

    Thanks for the info, by the way.
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    I know that in my past center, if you had an "occurrence" nine times in nine months, you're gone.
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    Probationary period used to be the first 30 days working days as a driver, not sure if it changed. As far as hurting his chances.. as long as he can keep his job and not have any dings on his driving record it is strictly by seniority.
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    if he is an attendance issue, it will definitely hurt his chances.

    driving jobs are bid on in seniority order, however you need to qualify for the bid list by being an employee for at least 1 year and also be an employee in good standing (i.e. no problem employees such as service or attendance issues).

    once qualified, and the position is bid out through the list, he will need to qualify by meeting the minimum requirements.

    if he is serious about the driving job he needs to be serious about his attendance.

    Early = On Time
    On Time = Late
    Late = Unacceptable
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    I guess our bid list is different since I've never seen an asterisk that says bidder must have no attendance or service problems.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    He's worked for nearly 3.5 years and he's been 45 to an hour late every two weeks? Sounds like he wants to work at his convenience rather than UPS. Yes, they will take this into consideration....who would'nt?
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    Being late is, obviously, not a good thing and could put him in jeopardy of being terminated.

    Aside from that promotions are done by seniority only. If he is still working he can go to driving.
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    only seen attendance as an issue when the worker wasn't a good worker. other than that seniority rules. be able to pass road test. over 21 with no tickets or wrecks in past year. no more than 3 tickets or wrecks in past 3 years. be able to pass a D.O.T. physical.
    at our hub part time sups don't mess with attendance long as you work hard when you are their. it still shows on record when you don't show but you can always fight that if you pt sup doesn't follow steps. only new sups do it for about a month and then get tired of paper work. and if not logged he can just say that the days missed were days that he talk with his pt sup about needing them off and most of been put in comp. wrong. but then again each hub is different. good luck
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    Since he doesn't care about his job that much, why don't you guys switch places? You sound like you give more of a, (that thing that beavers build), than he does. jmho:happy2:
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    to get on the "transfer list" you have to fill out transfer papers (1 form). On this form you put down info about yourself like name/date of employment/emp id. Then you also indicate what job you want to be on the list for (clerk, 22.3, full time driver) and which locations you want to get on the list for. You submit this to your management team and there is a place for them to fill out some information such as if you have any service issues as well as your attendance (unexcused absences, lates, etc). Then the manager and division manager sign off on this and you are placed on the list.
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    Being on time is the must important thing @ UPS. How can you take your job seriously if you are not there?
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    Exactly. When his name is at the top of the list he is called. Nothing else matters as long as his driving record is fine.

    But being so late can get him fired before he gets that chance...
  16. brownrodster

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    Huh???? uhh.... Do you work for UPS?

    When driver job came available here PTers just put their name on the bid list. Highest seniority at the end of the week was sent to driver class.

    All that mumbo jumbo you typed above is nothing I went through when I became a driver.
  17. brownrodster

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    Sounds like this guy works preload. I remember a time when our preload was so desperate for people willing to do the job they would put up with anything. Including no cal no shows. Not sure if that is the case anymore because now I'm a FT driver and don't care about our PT operations.
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    Haha, nope! I work twilight sort and a no call no show would send our management into flames.
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    I'm talking about the OP's husband. Thus, if his preload is like ours here then he can get away with coming in 45 minutes late.
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    hey re-read what she first said... he works a 9 to 5 job, plus UPS, don't know if you ever tried working a ft job and a pt job as well, but its certainly not easy. B4 you criticize someone of "not caring about his job" you should def be sure that is the problem.... plus in this economy, I bet his coordinator probably doesn't mind having someone to work for less time or not at all!