Is it already pick?


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The online shopping is blowing up because of the Corona virus.


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@Upass. Is that a p1000? I thought peak levels is when you can't even see the rollup back door from the bulkhead... what time u clocked out?

We're getting slammed at eggplant ground. If it wasn't for my neighboring driver, I would've been out close to midnight on a Friday. 2100 w/ his help of taking 25 stops (I gave him the easy area, so he clocks out sooner at 1845)

some drivers are calling out over the weekend because they or family members are having the flu (& hope it's not that flu)

Netsua 3:16

We had at least 10 guys bring back stops because they were out of hours.
we’ve been busy as hell too, anybody not on the list is getting the 50+ hours they want, I went over twice this week and nearly again today, though I was admittedly purposefully dragging as much ass as I could


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Pretty typical week for my area. We shall see what Tuesday presents us with. A bunch of extra TP. But that weighs nothing. Volume wise, it's all normal for now. They may stop buying luxury items and go with the essentials.

So so many white styrofoam foams of Meds etc.
First week in quite awhile that it wasn't 90% Amazon. I'd say 75% Amazon. These medicine providers are helping us.

Supervisors do say, we can call out stick with a minimal DOCUMENTED TALK withs. They say to please DO NOT take advantage of it.

Open hunting season will begin next week.
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