Is it considered moonlighting?


I was thinking about applying as an at home customer service rep with amazon but am not sure if this is allowed while working with UPS? I am leaning towards no as it's not the same type of job but I know they are technically competitors. Any insight would be great, thanks!
make sure you ask someone at HR and not just random people on the net i got canned from the usps because they found out i was working at ups even though i was only doing sunday and sat routes for USPS and unloading for ups mon-fri


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I don't see Amazon as a competitor to UPS (right now). Yes they deliver goods, but only their own. Which is also done by many other companies (retailers, flowers, etc). If they start to deliver other people's packages, then yes I would say it's a conflict of interest. And as noted before, if you become a driver at UPS your hours will need to be factored in.