Is it difficult to change shifts as a Part Time Sup

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by memphis12, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. memphis12

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    I'm a part time supervisor and wanted to know if it was difficult to change shifts/sorts and also what is the process to attempt to do so? Hope to get some fb, thanks.
  2. Anonymous 10

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    You should probably ask HR that instead of a bunch of random people on a message board.
  3. BMWSauber1991

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    This is actually a good question. I got one of my buddy's a job and he decided to go PT management. He works twilight but wants to go to days. I asked him recently if he is coming to days but he wants to go through peak season before he makes the switch. I would assume that the only way you can make the switch is if a pt management spot opens up and they need you.
  4. LongTimeComing

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    It depends entirely on HR and the management team above you....and your relationship with them. It could be easy at one building and impossible at another. You won't get an accurate answer for your situation here on these boards.
  5. drake0727

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    My experience when I was a pt sup way back when is if you say you need to change because of your college workload, they will let you easily, pending you have a decent relation with your supervisor/manager. I went from a day operation(3 years on the sort), to a preload operation with relative ease, although they obviously were reluctant.

    It looks very bad for them if they refuse to let you transfer due to school/college reasons.