Is it just me, or does anyone else think............

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    It is just me or does anyone else think that poor little Caylee Anthony was a product of incest?

    I have just had an awful feeling that either Caseye's brother Lee or her father raped her and as a result she became pregnant. It's just a feeling. this is not in any way an excuse for Casey. But, they are so secretive of who the father is. they refuse to say who the father is. Casey never wanted the pregnancy, she hates her dad, and to put it mildly, she is a nut case. Again, these are just my feeling, but i wanted to know if anyone else was feeling this way as well.
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    Nothing that might arise from that case would surprise me. Even the grandpa being an ex-cop maybe helping her to hide the body or move the body during the many searches. Those people are nuts.
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    I read somewhere that Caylee's father chose to stay out of the media, however, he was named and is about 23 years old.

    I also read that Casey did not want to keep the baby, and wanted to give the baby up for adoption, but her mother insisted she have the baby.

    Dateline had a show a couple weeks ago, where some tapes were released of phone conversations between Casey and her parents.
    Her dad just sits there, and I think Casey and her mom have a love/hate relationship.

    And now interstingly enough, the grandparents attorney is asking for immunity for them. This link below has a ton of information.

    Every time I hear Casey Anthony's name, it reminds me of Susan Smith who drowned her two baby boys, as they were strapped in their car seats, so she could be free of her children and husband for another man. Now she is where she belongs, and hopefully Casey will have the same opportunity, to spend the rest of her life in jail.
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    I though I heard on the news that the grandparents asked for immunity. Did I hear it right ?? Why would they do that ??
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    From the link I posted. Apparently, they know a whole lot more, than they let on about the situation.

    ORLANDO - The lawyer for George and Cindy Anthony wants his clients to have immunity before they speak with prosecutors again about their daughter, Casey Anthony.

    Immunity would ensure the couple could tell investigators everything they know without fear of prosecution, attorney Brad Conway said. He doesn't think the Anthonys would say something that would land them in legal trouble, but he wants them protected. The Anthonys did not ask him to request immunity, Conway said. No deal has been made yet, he said.

    Casey Anthony, 22, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter, Caylee Marie.

    Investigators are waiting until after Caylee's funeral before they approach the Anthonys again, Conway said.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Everytime I see that picture of Caylee with her hand on her chin looking so innocent and cute, its makes me sick to think she was not loved and cared for..
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    I agree with Blackbox. This story has hit me hard from the beginning.

    It is just so sad from so many angles.