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    I was on and noticed Dell is running a special for ups employees get 20-25% of instead of the normal 10% but in order to recieve the coupon you e-mail address must be [email protected]. Can anyone help me out? I need a new computer.
  2. what a dumb idea....not everyone who works at UPS has a UPS email address (I'm speaking about dell not the original poster). I would jump on this offer but I don't have one either that I'm aware of. :mad:
  3. Fnix

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    Only rich corporate people who could afford a Dell every hour would have this kind of email. Us hourlies don't deserve a discount, we don't work hard enough.

    I wish I could hustle like those guys at Corporate.
  4. LOL :lol:

    Yeah, its true, maybe I'll get one of them to get me a coupon haha.

    Its too bad because that really is a great deal 20-25% off a new computer? thats a sizable amount off.
  5. VTBrown

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    It's not just corporate.

    Every Supervisor in any center that has need and access to corporate email has it.
  6. Jagz

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    You can still get the discount, you just have to call them. I did it for Dell a while ago, but have gotten rid of that crap computer since then.

    Just have your paycheck available because If I remember correctly, they ask for your employee ID.
  7. scratch

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    I would recommend a different brand of PC. Those aren't made as well as they used to be. I've had to just about replaced everything in the one I am posting on right now. The HPs are good again.:thumbup1:
  8. david cassin

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    get onto your local manager who can get you an email addr from the tsg dept.just tell him you need it for various offers that come to ups but you need a ups email addr in order to receive the discount.
  9. brownieboy

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    MOST of the time it is as cheap, if not cheaper to just go to Dells website and put together a computer. The whole discount thing is kind of a scam. It only applied to certain items when I was shoppind a year or so ago. Sounded good, but it was cheaper to just buy a bundle.
  10. Pollocknbrown

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    ya personally im not a huge company PC guy just because you get SO MUCH garbage on them from the get go, i just order the parts and build them myselves, i save about 10-15% if i build it myself (granted im using higher end parts for my gaming habits).
  11. Coldworld

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    Thats funny. Dell only uses ups for a small portion of their business now, and they come onto and want us to buy their computers....come on, does anyone else have a problem with this. As everyone should know, dell is about the worst company in ping-ponging their shipping companies, fedex, ups,, dhl, post office(I thought they were going to have dells left at the post office for people to pick up....that was a year ago and havent heard or seen anything about that.)I like to buy things from companies that use ups services....I dont think theres anything wrong with this.
  12. DorkHead

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    I have found that the cheapest way to get a computer is by phone ( not the support number). Building one with a Dell Rep gives you the opportunity to barder with him or her on the price of all the components. It really works. They don`t want to lose a sale so they are pretty flexible. Then at the end have your wife or husband say you need this delivered by UPS or you won`t buy. This has worked for me!
  13. I agree when building a desktop, I'm more interested in laptops as I'm still in school :wink:. I'm sure you can build laptops too, but unlike desktops, I've never done it so I don't want to start just yet haha.
  14. Just Lurking

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    They were going to use a company (I forget the name) to deliver to PO's west of the Mississippi River. The company was going to expand to the East Coast. Funny think is that the company declared bankruptcy shortly after the announcement. Evidently they did not have plan that worked for Dell.
  15. LKLND3380

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    Dell uses DHL 95% of the time... Waiting for a reapir on a unit at the moment... A lot of the merch upsers get discounts on is delivered by DHL or FedEx...
  16. GuyinBrown

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    There are actually quite a few companies out there that will "build" laptops from barebones components. You can usually get quite a bit more computing power for about the same price. If you're looking for a laptop, I bought an Asus from these guys about 3 years ago.

    My personal experience with them was very favorable. I had an issue with 2 components in the laptop during the first year I had it and both problems were resolved promptly and without hassle. One was the hard drive making a weird noise so they sent me a replacement, and the other was a loose video cable which required me to send it back to them for service. They paid for the shipping, and I had the laptop back in my hands in under 5 days.

    Although my personal experience was was very good and I would buy from them again in the future, I have only ever made the one purchase from them. So if you're interested, I would highly recommend doing some research on them to see if the level of service has declined at all since I last used them....
  17. Channahon

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    I purchased a Dell Inspirion laptop through UPSer' and never had a bit of trouble. Except for my cat chewing the power cord and he survived, the replacement cord was sent ASAP via DHL.
  18. over9five

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    "....Dell is running a special for ups employees get 20-25% of instead of the normal 10% ..."

    I ordered a laptop yesterday for my son. Dell currently has a special ($169 off some computers), so you cannot use the extra 10-15% off. But you still get the $169 off AND your regular UPS 10% off.

    Call the number on the UPSers page. You don't need a email address. You DO need the UPS member number that's on the page.

    Make sure you request UPS delivery. They put that instruction on the order, but the rep told me shipping has been bad about reading it..

    If anyone wants the number of the Dell preferred rep, I'll pm it to you (he told me to give it out!)

    Chann, was kitty glowing for a while??
  19. UPSBOI

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    If you want a discount order your computer just like you want it get your discount and when it gets to you refuse it. They will call and barter a new lower price with you.


    O.K. Guys I was just told the starting going rate for UPS Driver is $24.00 an hour. Could this be true?

    I do see the threads before this one but no one seems to know. Sorry to repeat it I am just very interested in working for UPS. THANKS.