is it really worth while????

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  1. so after people being off and p/t employees have ended up getting there time in and have became full time so now there working pre load and local sort, putting pretty much all pre loaders layed off now for more than a week at a time sometimes only working one day a week depending on senority, thoes drivers havent been out on the road for a long time now to. and to make it worse they have to work both shifts and so the guys with more seniorty from local sort are now working pre load and not the sort. the center cuts routs everyday and i dont think at all things are the way it should? I think that the only thing that matters is numbers and there bonus at the end of the year.

    ps.. is ups really worth sticking it out and puting up with all the monopoly?

    con-way freight driver?? any do's or dont's for them?
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    Try to stick it out if you can, it's not going to be easy. At least give a shot.
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    And in China, they never go to church.
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    There is actually alot of underground Catholics in China.
  5. for real i dont even know what thats suposed to mean,, little boy is the only one who said something importand btw thanks man... come on guys
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    All due respect, but I sorta thought the same thing after reading your first post
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    dude,, nothing is easy,, is you want the pay and benefits than stick it out ,,life sucks,, get used to it
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    No religion too???

    Flying duchman....your post was VERY rambling and when you combine that with the lack of punctuation, we skim and make sarcastic remarks
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    Let me guess. Grew up in a state with non-union teachers.:peaceful:
  10. i hear ya ok then.
  11. can anyone try to give me any positive answers? or words of wisdom?
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    I'll give it a shot....the only person who can truly answer this for you is you. Are you looking to make UPS your career or is this just a way to pay the bills until something better comes along? UPS is changing and it is taking much longer (on average) to become a driver. You have to decide if you are willing to invest the time that it will take or if it may better to cut your losses and move on. There are a lot of drivers at or nearing retirement age.

    UPS is also not the job that is used to be. When I started 21 years ago the focus was on service. Now it is on numbers. Some of the stuff we are told to do now would have been grounds for termination back then (falsifying records).

    My son is 23 and there is no way that I would recommend this job to him.
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    There sure are. Many 6 feet under. But thats another story......

    Why are you interested in advice? Asking this website about UPS and your futures intertwining is like asking someone for help in finding a wife. Good luck with that.

    UPS was never easy to work for, and there have always been problems getting to the top paying jobs. Those that dont have what it takes to get it, drop by the wayside, and make room for those that do.

    So spend some time doing soul searching by yourself. Figure out what it is you want to do in life. If you cant make enough money doing it, then you either cut expenses, or move on to something you can make money at, even though you really dont like what you are doing. Its your move. Dont ask us to bottle-feed you