Is it true?????

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  1. Do part time air drivers have only a 2 year progression? With a top rate of $26?
  2. Knothead

    Knothead Yep.

  3. Yes and no. Top rate is more than that. But under the new proposal they want to make it a four year progression...
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    Looks like Dave is trolling with a new account again to me.
  5. The next month is going to be fun. Should have a freeze period on new accounts...
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    Oh it's going to be a mad house. All the local officials are going to be on here like...
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    Do I wear women's underwear?
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  10. So anyone know what happens when a air driver who is already getting top rate decides to be a full-time package car driver .Does the air driver keep his top rate pay or starts all over again at 18.75 ?
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    From a couple guys I know, they keep their air rate
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    If your current rate is higher then you are red circled at that rate until progression catches up or the rate for the job exceeds your current rate.
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    That’s if you make it to two years. Air driving kinda sucks when you’re waking up at 4am for 12.50 an hour.
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    No different than waking up at 4 am for $11 an hour for preload.
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    this new contract is BS
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    no its 30 your local and ask? Oh you dont know there number?
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    $26 is good money to drive and write CNL in the package! The regular driver will do it tomorrow.