Is it worth starting out as PT Sup with UPS

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    I possibly have a chance to start off as PT supv with UPS. I have never worked for UPS before and most of the stuff i read regarding PT supv with UPS has been negative (mostly coming from this forum).

    I have management degree and supervisory experience already so i am not sure if this would be a good fit for me.

    As a supervisor with my previous company i treated my employees with respect and had nothing but positive experience being a leader. I am still friends with some of the people i managed 2 years ago. Furthermore my management loved me and backed me up all the time, I never got "harrased" or "yelled" at by a manager (something PT sups get on daily basis it seems according to this forum). If i did something wrong i was talked to in a professional , respectful way same way i talked to my employees if they did something wrong. This seems very odd to me that a big company like UPS would treat their supervisors by yelling or harrasing them ( i thought we were all adults)...

    Some of the threads i read are old so i was wondering have things improved , should i take this job, or should i run like the wind.
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    Its a dead end job. Stay union.
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    Ugh did you even read what i wrote. I am not currently working for UPS i have a chance to start off as a UPS supervisor as soon as i join the company.
  4. They would love to promote somebody that already works for UPS into a PT supervisor position, but nobody wants to. Just something to think about. Also, it's a dead end job.
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    Did you even read what he posted? He does not work for UPS and will be starting as a PT sup.

    To the OP---go for it. Don't worry about what you read on here---many of the folks who post here are jaded and bitter. Keep in mind that the PT sup position is quite possibly the worst job in operations. You will get little to no respect and will catch grief from both mgt and hourlies. That being said, it is the best way to get your foot in the door if you intend to make UPS management your career.
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    What are you looking to get out of this?

    If it's some more experience and something to look good on the resume or you want the tuition reimbursement to advance your schooling, go for it.

    If you're looking for a career and moving up the managerial ranks, well it is possible, but you're looking to be a PT sup for a long time unless something special happens.

    Regardless which one you're going after you're going to get crap from both sides, how much depends on your performance. There are some very good and cool PT sups on my shift and they virtually get nothing from either side, but then there's others who they're always having to do write ups for their areas performance and getting grievances for even the slightest infraction.

    ​Best of luck with your decision.
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    He will be center manager in a month.
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    Run Forrest, run.
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    If you are a young guy looking for extra money during college it loojs good on a resume but very few part time sup jobs result in full time employment and its virtually impossible to switch over to a union job from part time sup. Also benefits are worse and you pay for them.
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    Being a PT sup at UPS is really different from being a sup at other companies. If you can unload sort and load a box your eligible. It is probably one of the worst jobs within the company because if the fact that 90-95% will stay part time forever and will catch grieve from employees filing grievances against them while catching grieve from their manager and full time sup as well.
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    The fact that they're hiring you off the street instead of promoting a current employee should tell you something. My hub is going through a fairly serious PT supervisor shortage and they've - literally - been promoting kids with 2 or 3 months of experience. There's one in the training department that only recently graduated high school.

    Basically, no one that has their benefits or is making above $12-13/hr will even consider it. But if you're looking to pad your resume, go for it.