Is it worth staying with UPS?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by ufoatemycat, Dec 1, 2010.

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    I started today as a driver helper. My driver loves me, even bought me lunch. I had a great time as well, we were swamped and he said we had about 2 days worth of packages, but we knocked it out by about 7pm. I started with him around noon and he said he was behind. We'll see how much hustle I put out tomorrow, I'm a bit worn out already. Ha ha. I'll be ok though.

    We met up with some other drivers that said the same thing to me: Do well and you'll probably get hired as loader or some kind of hub job.

    Here's the thing.. I have a BS in Information Technology, just graduated over the summer and moved across the country. I can't find a damn thing in IT for some reason and I'm in the heart of the Silicon Valley!

    In the long run, is it worth it for me to stick it out with UPS and make my way to driver?

    WHAT type of benefits am I looking at? And if you don't mind, what kind of PAY will I be getting as a driver?

    I can make good money in IT- if I can find something already! But I like being outside and working with my hands and being active. Sitting yelling at a computer cause I cant get it working is no longer appealing- but I was much too far in my degree to turn back and its a nice fall back plan.

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    You may be putting the cart before the horse. First you need to get hired after Peak. Yes, showing up on time and busting your ass will help, but there has to be an opening in order for them to hire you. Once hired you will wait 1 year for medical benefits for you (18 months for your family) while making about $10/hr. A FT driver seniority driver who has gone through wage progression (3 years) is just over $30/hr plus benefits.

    I have a BS in Business and was hired off the street as a driver in 1989. I am making more than I would in my degree field with superior benefits.

    If it were me I would work PT here, PT elsewhere and continue to look for work in IT. Good luck.
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    Depends on your future goals. UPS has a pension plan, free benefits (after 1 yr as Package Handler) and vacation/sick time to name a few. Excellent company to have as a backup plan, but you will work your @$$ off.
    Consider working p/t at night (PH) and keep your IT job in the day. God forbid you get laid off in IT down the road you can always put your name on the driver list and have it as a backup plan. Just how I would go about it.

    Drivers start around 17/hour and hit max rate after 3 years.
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    Drivers make over 30$ an hour with lots of overtime. But wait to become a driver can be very long. Over 5 years wait in my center.
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    Good luck ,you seem very much in love with the job and playing Santa.Lets see how you feel Friday morning,then you can re evaluate your feelings towards UPS LOL Good Luck,I mean it !!
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    You're right, I am putting the cart before the horse. Only because I have what I feel will be a very solid offer for employment from elsewhere, though not in IT. It is at least closely related. Doesn't pay spectacular, but will be here after xmas! My thread was mainly to determine if I want that re-hire status as NO or YES..

    The P/T thing is what worries me. I don't know if I can live off P/T pay for the next several years.

    I appreciate everyones input. I am enjoying it, I also haven't had work since my gf and I moved which was beginning of August.. so maybe I'm just excited to be out and about. ha ha.
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    Drivers also make $30/hour with little or no overtime.
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    dont even worry about your future at ups,, as a jumper you dont have one,, your position is a temp,, in my allmost 28 yrs at ups i have never seen a jumper brought back in,,, never... i have had some quality jumpers over the yrs,, good strong workers,, told everyone i could that the said person went above and beyond,, didnt matter,,,
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    What I learned from this is to not ask you to recommend me for a job.
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    If you want in and get laid off after peak, apply again. My building hired a huge amount of people to work in the HUB this year. So I see it as all helpers will be laid off, or a minor few will be asked to stay. Its all about seniority, when you were signed on, and when the other guy before or after signed on. If they really need you or like you they will consider it. Just be as postive and uplifting as you can be, you just might get lucky.

    As for me, I'd rather drive some big rigs and make 100k a year working a sit down A/c job. Of course I need to sweat it out in a package car for awhile, no big deal really.
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    It depends. If you get stuck in life career-wise despite the best of intentions and abilities, giving UPS a try might be a good P/T jumpstart. I don't recommend FT unless you have to. It's a rocky road when you are low seniority, you're not going to like the bid options. :)

    As far as going into management, I'll leave that angle alone.