Is Senator Rockefeller Correct?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Is the Senator correct in stating that an FAA Reauthorization Bill with anti-FedEx language in it has no chance of passing? If so,the IBT has just handed Fred Smith another victory through their passive approach to the RLA issue. Thanks, Jimmy!!

    While Smith was twisting arms and threatening to cancel airplane orders, the Teamsters were "lobbying". That could mean almost anything. What they did NOT do is play the game the same dirty way FedEx did, and that may have been a losing strategy. I have criticized Mr Hoffa's lack of leadership many times before, but geez, this one could have been in the bag so easily if he had gotten off his fat ass and actually LED this campaign. Smith used every trick in the book, while Hoffa and the IBT called-in the game plan from another planet. Why didn't they hit our terminals and mobilize FedEx workers, or why didn't the IBT step-up with a counter campign to the lies FedEx was spreading about "disrupting the economy". Jesus, I could have blown that statement out of the water from 50 miles away. Why didn't they do it?

    UPS also played the game by "gentleman's rules" when atomic warfare was probably the strategy that was necessary. Their response to the Brown Bailout was tepid, just like the Teamsters. For a player that has so much skin in the game, they also sat on the sidelines and watched Smith spread his money around.

    It isn't over yet, but maybe it's actually time to take the "Hail Mary" out of the playbook and use it, because being polite doesn't seem to be working, does it?'s time to drag your ass out of the La-Z-Boy and freaking DO what you are paid huge money to do. Take Smith down, and quit being pathetic. If I sound :censored2:, it's because I AM :censored2:. DO SOMETHING, or step-down and let a real leader be in charge of the Teamsters.
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    So what exactly would the Hail Mary consist of?
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    No matter what FDX is an airline with trucks, UPS is a trucking company with airplanes. This is the way the companies were set up at time of inception. Time changes but rules stay the same. The Airline side of UPS has always had pilots and mechanics go years without contracts, luckily the NLRB sets rules trucking companys must comply with. The RLA only applies to airlines, like AA, DAL, UAL, and FDX. Trucking companys like UPS, YRWS, and ABF must abide by government rules that apply to their type of certification. This simple law has had UPS spent millions of dollars of money trying to change law. Another way of stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny. Sad.
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    A bunch of phone calls to all of the heads of the major unions, immediately followed by calls to Mr Rockefeller and every other Democrat in the House and the Senate. "Play Ball", or you won't have any union support during your next election.
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    Wrong. FedEx has become a trucking company with airplanes, just like UPS. It no longer fits the definition of an "airline". UPS and FedEx are the same animal.. BOTH are systems integrators. The FedEx Express system parallels the UPS NDA system.
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    FDX may have been set up that way, but they are not an airline. It is simple. Airlines move products and people from "Airport to Airport". Trucking companies move product from "Door to Door". Yes, there are exceptions on the Trucking part, but if your core business moves product "Door to Door" as both FDX and UPS do, then you are a trucking company.
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    I'm sorry, didn't the Rockefeller family initiate machine gun fire on women and children during a strike ??????????
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    What exactly are you talking about? Kent?
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