Is there a three year plan?

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by tieguy, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. tieguy

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    Reflecting back on the staff reduction events this year I'm starting to wonder if there is a three to 4 year plan for another reorganization.

    Looking at those that remain shows many senior experienced staff level managers remaining. Rumors had those that ended up with jobs signing three year contracts.

    That basically means a stable management structure for the next three years. At that point many of those folks will be old enough to retire.

    Then what?
  2. Bubblehead

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    I think I'll have them shine my shoes.
  3. Buffaloaf

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    They finally start promoting again?
  4. Just Numbers

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    The way they have been dealing with their own....who wants to go into mgmt?
  5. brown bomber

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    just like "the king of the beasts"..................they do in fact eat their own offspring (MANAGEMENT)

    live long and prosper
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    I am fairly sure there will be a "new" plan.
    UPS tends to be a reactive to short term trends, and plays the catchup game.
    We came late into the game, with the use of the advantages of technology.
    Now, and in the future, technology will determine what the new plan will be.
    Sadly, the human core element that made this company great will be slowly eroded by the new plans.
    Just one mans opinion on the state of affairs.

  8. Anonymous 10

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    They fire you all and Sanjey in India does your job from his computer.
  9. Raw

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    Management is getting more obsolete with technology, it`s a known fact that hourly`s run the operation. With computer dispatching,training videos and diad training you folks better start putting out your resumes! :wink2:
  10. tieguy

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  11. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Of course those who don't exercise will simply be punching out.
  12. tieguy

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    its apparent you like to engage in self stimulation thinking about management getting canned. In this case I'm looking at a scenario where many people that may have retired sooner will have to wait three years before doing so.
    many people leaving all at once. wondering if the company then downsizes again as they leave.
  13. probellringer

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    its hard not to bash when we you never admit DRIVERS do run the place -we are never told when we do a good job-and you guys always stress the negative points about us---i make it a point to let my sup know everytime they screw up(EVERYDAY)but also i do let them know when they do a great job dispatching (3-5 days a month)dont they realize -you run the load =no headaches?
  14. tieguy

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    Drivers do a terrific job for us and their customer relationships drive our business. But they do not "run the place".

    You guys can start your own thread to discuss a lack of respect from management. we have a wonderful labor forum here.
  15. Raw

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    +1 I do the same thing!:happy-very:
  16. JustTired

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    I'm not sure about a "three year plan"......but I do think that there is a plan to gut the core business (pkg delivery). After is the part of the company with the largest expenses (wages, equipment, etc.). As most corporations (and dare I say banks) look for ways to profit with the least amount of expense.....they will abandon their roots. We all know what the life expectancy is for a tree with shallow roots. But, whether it's three years or ten years...I do think the writing is on the wall. My first clue was when they changed the name from "United Parcel Service" to "UPS". A seemingly benign move at the time...but the removal of "parcel" from the name (I believe) was a calculated move for future events.
  17. Raw

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    Actually we DO run the place. When management calls in no one notices, when a driver calls in management has to scramble to cover and even run the route for the day! Who`s job is more important? :winks:
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I thought you were going to say that they removed the word "service" from the name. I do agree that we will see even more diversification and a move away from parcel being at the core of the business.
  19. probellringer

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    weird you should bring that up.the oms that answers the phone in the am says "GOOD MORNING ,UNITED PARCEL" im sure its not done on purpose,but....
  20. Raw

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    How come everytime I`m on vacation a certain management person is also off? Doesn`t he work or is he bed-ridden? :*******: