Is there a way that I can tell if I'm on "the list" or not?

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    Long story short, I got hired off-the-street for peak package car driving 2013-2014, loved it, and did a good enough job to be called back a few weeks ago. The HR person said that I was personally selected by Jay (my center manager) to be put on the official full-time list. I was floored but I tried not to get my hopes up too high and said that I was surprised to be selected as part of the 6:1 inside-hire:street-hire ratio after only one season. HR person said that there were several old timers retiring soon and having a really hard time recruiting from nearby centers to fill the driving positions.

    So I went in the next day to HR and filed some paperwork and asked some questions. The one question I didn't ask and one in which I'm shy about asking is the title question... Is there an actual list I can look at to see if my name is on it? Or do I have to take the company's word for it and assume they're not trying to just lure me to fill for summer seasonal work? From the company's point of view it would be really easy to entice people to quit their jobs to come back seasonally if you let them know they're already on the full-time hire list.

    I want to come back seasonally for the summer anyway, but it would be nice to see my name on a piece of paper as a candidate waiting for a FT job.
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    "The list? Uhhhhhh Yeah, you're on the list, You're actually right at the top of it. Yup, next in line." -Management
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    No list. There's always a chance you'll be an off the street hire but more than likely they want u back for summer seasonal.
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    I guess it could be both. They could want me back seasonally and they actually want me to fill a FT spot when I can.

    Cindy (HR person) said she was having a hell of a time getting people to come from a nearby hub to come drive in the city (I live in the northeast). She said they would just rather wait for a spot to open up there instead of moving 10 miles.
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    Dont worry you know what type of list your on. They will remind you if you want to know it or not
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    Who thinks "Jay" is looking for a love connection?
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    I did look like a stunna in those browns.
  8. 1-800-pickups
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    I obviously don't know the situation at that center but Cindy has a job to do and that's fill summer seasonal positions.
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    I'm sure you've made someone's "list" along the way.
  11. F***ing haven't we all?
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    UPS has a :censored2: list and I can tell you right now I'm on that list.
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  14. Would you have it any other way?
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