Is there any contract language regarding reviewing personell files?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by PE Pro, Oct 6, 2010.

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    What about signing company documents? What does anyone know?
    :please:Help Me!
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    Why do you want to know? Do you get written up alot ? Do you sign everything they put in front of you? The only people worried about what's in there personal files are the people that are always in trouble.

    Just remember that being in the Union isn't a free pass to be a total " ******* idiot "

    If you remember this you won't have to worry about what's in your file.

  3. PE Pro

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    You let me worry about why? Do know the answer or not? :confused:
  4. Anonymous 10

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    Check article 6 in the master it covers extra contract agreements.
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    Don't sign anything but the back of your paycheck. You signed all the papers you needed to sign when you hired in.
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    +1 and your dvir
  7. PE Pro

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    What have been the consequences to the people who have refused to sign the many documents that management shove in our faces?
  8. PE Pro

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    Are you sure about this? Does management harass or try to coerce and intimidate you when you refuse?:confused:
  9. Monkey Butt

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    Of course, that's in the job description.
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    No you don't have the right to look at your personal files even if you did you can't do anything with them. They are not yours if for some reason you have to be represented by the union such as got suspended or fired your BA ( business Agent ) will get a copy of what the company has on you pertaining that incident..
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    Actually you do have a right to see your file with a member of the management team present.
  12. UPSGUY72

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    What Article and section is that covered under ????
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  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    407 is right.
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    any person that worked for me and asked to see what was in their folder, i allowed them ( not that there was many) as long as i was there. I felt there is nothing to hide, it is what it is.
    Also i am not trying to influence either way but there was arbitration and training documents were submitted and the driver refused to sign them, the arbitrator sided with the company because he stated (not a quote) that by not signing the training it was an indication of the drivers negative attitude and his failure to accept the companies training.
  16. Dragon

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    Exactly what I do and had the same results at the panel.
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    Basic rule:

    "I read it but don't understand it".

    There is usually some Boilerplate language at the bottom of any/all agreements. Lately, most contracts have had a disclaimer that if you line through anything it means that you acknowledged it was there and therefore directly averted responsiblity.
    It's still worth a try as not every entity pushing a contract to you to sign is as savvy as we are here on BC.

    I read it, but really didn't understand it
  18. Y
    Listen to anonymous only! He is the one that speaks the truth. Read Article 6 Section 1 of the NATIONAL MASTER UNITED PARCEL SERVICE AGREEMENT. That will help you to understand your rights better! If you are unsure of what it means ask your steward to explain it. You have the right not to sign anything! That is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of The United States of America! The company UPS can not force you to sign nor harass and intimidate you to sign. If they do try then they are violating both Article 6 and Article 37! Please read Article 37. MANAGEMENT EMPLOYEE RELATIONS. There is strong language in there about the Employer shall not in any way intimidate, harass, coerce, or overly supervise...
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    It's funny you did sign when asked to please let me be employed at ups
  20. Again anonymous knows his rights! You can indeed see your file. However, UPS management will be present while you look in your file. I would advice you to have your steward with you, as well. In my Local, we have The Supplemental Agreement Article Inspection Of Records, which allows Union officials and Shop Stewards to examine such portion of the Company's operating reports and other payroll records as well as employee's center personnel file. Check with your Steward, you may have similar language! Good Luck! I hope I helped you clear things up!