Is there any reason for the later nights?

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    My mind just can't get around this. I've been loading for 6 months now, and never have we stayed this late day to day. At first, a 9 o clock downtime or earlier was a usual for us. Later on, we changed supervisors, and our nights got a little bit later, but not TOO much of a difference. Maybe more of a 9:30 downtime. Now with our more recent supervisors, we are lucky to have a 10 o clock downtime even on Thursdays, which is a bit weird to me. It's like every new supervisors is some kind of omen! Now I've gotten use to all of this OT, so I'm not really complaining about it even though the bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: can get a bit old. I'd just like to know if anyone could have a potential theory as to why we are staying later and later. Is there some kind of "peak" around this time I'm not aware of? I thought it might be that unload is just being lazy asses and not passing the volume on down at their usual pace, but we get tore up from start to downtime on more than a regular basis even though the "volume expected" has more or so stayed the same apparently. I'd mention all of the extra carts of overflow we get from other PDs that can't be good for anything, but that isn't really important as I'm just specifically talking about OUR volume by itself.
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    What shift/sort? The work may have been changed as well as staffing...have you lost any people in your area? maybe you have less people, more varied loads coming in on door at different times, things like that change too that you do not see.
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    Well we have nearly a full staff of loaders (6), although we have lost nearly all of the "veterans" that worked harder, because they were transferred to another belt, leaving me and a few that are not new hires, which is a good point to be made. Also, on the Twilight sort.
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    Don't try to comprehend it. There is know reason.
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    The reason is that the company has decided they don't make any money in the summer time so to fix the problem they will just give all the drivers more work by cutting routes and increasing stops per car. The later the drivers get in, the later the volume gets out!! The :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:s that run the company don't care that we are falling over dead because its 115 degrees outside and they have upped the workload on all of us!! Every other company in the world reduces work to try not to kill their employees. But don't have a heat stroke cause we told you to stay hydrated, you must not be listening!!!!!!!!
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    Wait a gosh darn second! The company told me we don't make any money during Peak.