Is there anything you can recommend? Security? HR? I just want him to stop

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  1. UPSfor5

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    My former spouse is a manager at UPS and there was domestic violence and child abuse. FS is now contacting my family using their UPS email, on UPS time to continue the harrassment.

    I just want it to stop and leave us alone. When former spouse harrasses my family, the first thing they see is my former spouse's name, then UPS. Not good.

    Former spouse has been with the company for over 25 years.
  2. TheKid

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    I would contact LP
  3. Monkey Butt

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    Call the UPS Help Line.

    If they can't help you, they can hopefully give you a number or person to call.

    By the way, is your ex-spouse's name P******?
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  4. UPSfor5

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    Thank you
  5. cheryl

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    Brownpast, I'm sorry for your situation. One of my family members is dealing with some very nasty post-divorce hostility from her ex-husband. He just can't seem to let the anger go and move on with his life. It creates a lot of stress and chaos for her so I do have an idea of what you are going through.

    I too have a situation where a former member of this forum that is a UPS manager has been harassing me for a couple of years. The thing that brings this to mind is that he recently posted elsewhere that he thought he should put his status as divorced from Cheryl. I've never met him... he's spent so much time maliciously trying to defame me, injure my reputation and also harass and demean the moderators here that I'm about ready to contact someone at UPS about it.

    Many of the ip's that he uses are UPS ip's so I know some of the time he's doing this from work. I know his real name and location and have screen shots and a timeline of malicious activity. I've got the documentation, now I need to find out if there's an existing policy or protocol in place.

    Wouldn't it be weird if it's the same guy?
  6. UPSfor5

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    Thank you too Hoaxster. No, it's not P******. Hopefully if P****** is this bad, relief is on the way for that family too
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  7. UPSfor5

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    Cheryl, I hope it's not. I was married to this one for 15 years and he won't leave us alone. Divorced for 5 years. There has to be a policy about using UPS email as well as time being paid, to do things unrelated to work.
  8. bluehdmc

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    It seems with previous domestic violence and harrassing emails, if you keep copies of the emails you should be able to get a restraining order which may extend to the emails. Consult an attorney.
  9. UPSfor5

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    There is a domestic violence order. It is a no contact order. There is to be no contact. He does as he pleases. He broke the law using UPS email. That is the point. I have been in court for 4 1/2 years being consistantly harrassed. This UPS employee uses his office and his email as the "hub" of his activity. He has been arrested already for violating the DVO and spent 3 days in jail. I thought UPS might want to make sure he stops the activity using their email and office time. I want this person to stop and leave me alone.
  10. TheKid

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    Tell UPS you are going to go to 'the papers' , they hate publicity.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    Good luck, hopefully UPS will impress on him to stop using UPS resources.
    There are rules that management sign off each year in regards to not using UPS resources for personal use - such as the internet and e-mails.
  12. TheKid

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    Seriously !
  13. UPSfor5

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    I found this on Business Code of Ethics posted online. The problem is, he is a manager.
    Collectively, we have the responsibility for safeguarding and making proper and efficient use of UPS’s property, ...

    UPS property must not be used for any purpose unrelated to UPS business without prior authorization from the appropriate manager.
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  14. UPSfor5

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    That would be a start, for someone to impress it upon him to cut it out. Starting with the workplace.
  15. toonertoo

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    Have your new husband impress upon him that he needs to stop. Now.
    I had an abusive stalker, a former boyfriend, I have no idea why I ever liked him now that I look back. But he would not leave me alone when I finally said I would rather be dead than deal with him any longer. I meant it. We had no kids Thank the Good Lord, or I would have been forced to deal with him longer, I dont know your situation. He would come and follow me around on my route. he burned my uniforms. he put mu vehicle up on cement blocks 5 high, I dont know how. I would call the police, they would drag him away warn him, etc. Wouldnt do a thing to protect me. I moved. 70 miles away.
    After I moved he started harrassing my family, that was the end, I told my son to give him my new phone number.
    He called and my new boyfriend now my husband and hero, who had a reputation for beating up bullies, talked to him for 1 minute. Told him he knew him, where he lived, and is very familiar with the address. And ask anyone from said town about said person, if you do not know who I am. One more harrassment and he would reach out and touch him. Never heard another peep.
    Bullies dont like bigger bullies.
    I only hope that your situation could be worked out as easily. Sometimes the law, the rules, dont work on some people. But when they know they could get their :censored2: in a snair, they quit.
  16. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Several years back we had some UPS mgmt personnel using UPS computers to bounce around NSFW material. The were walked promptly. I believe you can get some help once you find the right person at UPS to talk to. Perhaps go to corporate and let it roll downhill to that right person.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Why not start with his direct supervisor?
  18. Monkey Butt

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    That will get you every time no matter who you are.
    Every site one goes to is logged so the evidence is there.
    I hit on a site occasionally and I'm off it in a HURRY.
  19. Johney

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    I bet anyone here can guess that site.:wink2:
  20. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    From what I understand there was some "collecting and trading with your friends" baseball card type trading going on within the office. Shame too. One was a decent sup. Should have waited until he got home.