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    I, once again, was called into my Center Managers office for speaking up during a P.C.M. when my supervisor asked if anyone had any questions about the injury information they had just informed us about. I suggested that if the center would add the 2 to 3 more routes (as they previously said they were going to do, but haven't) and get as many drivers in at 9 hours (also promised) then drivers may not be as mentally and physically fatigued as we are now from being over dispatched and being given splits. Maybe this would bring down our injury rate. So, off to the office....

    I was explaining my position on this issue to the Center Manager, but they just rolled their eyes and kept cutting me off when I would point out that they claim an injury cost the center 100 thousand dollars a year and that adding just one driver to ease dispatch would be much less than that (not sure if that statement was true in regards of having to pay insurance and other cost for a new driver, but it's what I said.). So, I turn to my steward (who's hanging his head) and begin to make a statement. My Center Manager cuts me off again and states "Your here to talk to me, their just here to listen.". I reply, "Alright then, let's talk then.". My Center Manager gets up and says "I don't have time to talk to you about this, we're done, go to work.".

    Question(s): Is a Center Manager allowed to disallow me from communicating with my Steward during a "meeting"? Is the Center Manager able to direct the Steward to not intervene during a meeting. How much exactly does it cost U.P.S. for a "Time-loss'" injury?
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    Question 1: No
    Question 2: No
    Question 3: shouldn't concern us, but they will give you a figure that is an average.

    Having answered your questions, I would suggest in the future, that if they ask for questions you refrain from making statements.
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    I was told it cost the company $750.00 a day when a driver is out on comp (not light duty).
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    any questions? Doesn't really mean for you to ask questions. If you have real questions ask before or after PCM. There is a very short time for PCM and they want to get everyone else on the road.
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    $750 is very possible. That's why they like to have you on light duty if possible to avoid comp time.
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    We all know more routes would help but why make a big deal of it? They know also they are just following orders. Do your job and file 9.5 grievances if you would like to work less.
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    check the castrating thread.
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    Ahh, so their questions are rhetorical... thanks.
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    Even if you could get into an actual conversation with him it would be like talking to a brick wall. They are schooled for years on how to avoid any problem. Walking away from it is on the top of the list. Sticking their head in the sand and pretending it don't exist is another. Work safely at a comfortable speed using all their methods. It drives them nuts.
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    Your center manager isn't cutting routes, he is being told from upstairs to cut routes.
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    I hear what your saying...or is it I'm reading what your writing? Anyways, I'm not worried about working less. I average about 10.5 day and that is with around a half hour of bonus a day. And when I come in or before I come in I contact the other drivers around my loop to see if they need assistance. I love my job once I'm out of the building, so 9 hour days or 11 hour days don't matter to me. What I do find concerning is... that I started this reply with a point, but I can't recall what that point was.
    Not trying to have a go with you Walter Sobchak, just wanted to state that I'm not concerned with my hours.
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    There's almost no need for a center manager anymore. All he does is read the email from IE every morning, and does what he's told.
    Like the guy who used to push the buttons for people on elevators, his job soon will be history.
  13. Brownslave688

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    He's like the DM stress ball though. :censored2: flows downhill ya know.
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    Our center manager worked ... maybe four months out of the entire last year; one day he was there, and the next day, he was gone - was the damndest thing. Everyone seemed to think it was better without him, too.

    So .. maybe the center where I am employed is a test case - yep, you can function without that extra idiot in the building.
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    This ^^^^
    It makes a big difference in how you view their actions. If they were doing this on their own, then ya...a holes. Or if they agree whole heartedly. Over in my hub, we have center managers and on car sups who know they'll be shafting us and feel pretty bad about it. They do try to help us out with help. Lots of people don't wanna, which I can understand, but I'd be willing to help so long as I haven't made any promises to my kids. But I don't make many of those considering my employer. I figure I won't be home till 8 almost every night and if I get off earlier than that it's a happy day. If not, normal day. Helps my POV on life.
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    In a professional manner ask all the questions you want.
    If you want to give the center manager a twist ask him to excuse himself while you and the steward converse. Then bs for 5 minutes until he comes back.
  17. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream and by BA did this once just to give them something to think about. All we talked about for the 5 minutes was the weather and what time we were going to meet on the weekend to play a round o' golf.
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    No & no. Who cares that's their problem.
  19. Dragon

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    No - but if you would like to talk to your steward in private you can step outside and talk
    Yes - he should not answer the question for you, center manager should be respectful of the stewards position as he is regarded as the same level as the center manager when in a stewards roll. Manager speaking with a Manager.
    Its not the money per se...its all the paperwork...

    One way to really piss the center manager him/her disrespect in the PCM.

    Every center manager and supervisor knows they need more people on road...try not to rub salt in an open wound.
  20. 104Feeder

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    Bravo for standing up & speaking out even if your center manager doesn't appreciate it. Your center manager called you into the office because he wanted to put on a show & intimidate others into keeping quiet. You should spread the word that you didn't back down and you suffered no discipline.

    No the center manager cannot direct you to not speak to the Steward. If he wants to play that game, either you or the Steward can call a "caucus" which he must allow. Either you both go outside for a few minutes or he can leave the room. You can have one prior to the meeting if you like also. The Steward is not required to do some or all of the talking in the meeting (meeting with center manager), and if an employee is doing fine I'll just enjoy the show and let him go for it. Nothing better than an informed member giving Management a schooling. In this instance if I had been your Steward I would have just said "well, he's right so what do you have to say about that?" If they want to just harangue you & not have a discussion I would turn my back to the center manager and he can yell at the back of my head.

    You should look into becoming a Steward yourself, you would really enjoy some of the protections you have & you obviously are already not afraid of them.