Is this common practice for new hires?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Random Hero, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. Random Hero

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    I just recently received a job as a Part-Time Preloader, however, I currently have no schedule. Instead I am required to call in each morning at 4am to see whether or not I'm needed (Much like a substitute). Just curious if this is common for newbs to UPS, or if something is up?

    Info would be much appreciated. :)
  2. UPSGUY72

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    Your getting the run around. They are going use you and abuse you untill you put your foot down. I would show up without calling and when they tell you they don't need you ask to talk to a steward. They can't hire you as PT and use you like a casual.

    They need to give you 24 hr notice if they don't need you unless you agree not to come in or to go home.
  3. Random Hero

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    Interesting. 24hr notice would be awesome, because in addition to having to wake up at 4am for no reason (when not needed), I also have quite a commute to make to get there in time (Usually on only a 20 minute notice), so it's not something I can just continue to do with such short notice.

    Thank you for the info, I'll definitely start looking into this more now that I know it is uncommon to be treated like a substitute.
  4. Jackburton

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    Catch 22 for you my friend. Since you did say you were "just hired" I'm guessing your the lowest man on the pole. If thats the case and EVERYONE wants to work that is present and they don't have work, you will be forced to go home under a "layoff". I'd put money if you came in every day and said you want to work they'd have a few people who would gladly go home and let you work in thier place. All depends on how your center is run and the people there. The right to work is seniority based and you being the low man, well you get the drift.
  5. Random Hero

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    So does UPS hire more people than they actually need, in case someone is sick or doen't show up? And is that the hole I have been pegged into as a new hire? If so, would have been nice if that information was included in the job description (Or at least one of the interviews) so I knew what I was getting into before I got into it.

    I didn't sign up for a job so that I could stay at home and not get paid. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a job.:p
  6. Jackburton

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    Generally they hire you because they need you, UPS doesn't want to bring on extra people as they have to pay benefits (same ones FT get) even if you work one day (in our supplement). You're not their on-call lacky they can just use when they want. If you show up for work you can demand your 3.5 hours if they refuse to work you. Otherwise they can tell you that they won't need you say tomorrow, yet that brings into question why they hired you in the first place. I'd get with the Preload Sort Manager next chance you get and explain whats going on, how you want to work everyday, I'd wager they'll find something for you to do.
  7. Random Hero

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    Because right now my biggest beef is having to call in and with only a 20-or-so minute notice. Like I said before, I have to commute pretty far, so waking up and finding out that 55 minutes from when I place the call, I am expected to be at a facility 40 minutes away, just makes EVERY single morning one stressful process.

    I'm basically told everyday "Just call us tomorrow around 4am and we'll tell you to come in or not." I have absolutely no idea if or when I work each week. I'm not sure if they're testing my determination & commitment, or what?
  8. chuchu

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    In Central States section of the contract Art 12 sect 6 says they management has to give an employee 1 hr to report to work. Do you fall under that language? (Pg 201). If you are not in the union (past your first 30 days of work) they have been able to "use" people like that. They hired me off the street and worked me thru the seasonal summer period (I did gain seniority) as a driver and then I was laid off for a year out of the first two years I worked. When I bumped inside on two shifts my pay dropped in half.....they didn't tell me about that either. I had a daughter in college at that time too. So I understand! I would have quit and dusted my shoes off on that "great" job but the BA talked me out of it. Do you want to hang in there for the job or not? That is a question only you can answer but I will tell you this much....they treat all the employees that way. You have an employee number for a reason. You are a number in this company. Get used to it or find a job where they tell you the truth up front. It is your future. You control it.
  9. grgrcr88

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    That's only true if you have a posted regular start time. This will most likely be just for a short period of time. UPS always has more people available than needed due to more or less vacations and fluctuations in volume. The thing is, since you don't have a scheduled start time, if you want to get any hours at all, you will have to continue to call. Once on the clock you are guaranteed 3.5hrs a day, but you have to tell them you want it. If they try to send you home before 3.5hrs let them know you want the guaranteed hours. If you have a posted start time they must give you 24hrs notice or pay you your guarantee when you come to work. If they don't give the 24hrs notice always come in and tell them you want your guaranteed hours. If they still send you home find your Steward before you leave and tell him/her what is happening.
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    It is the exact opposite at my hub. The original hours were 6 to 10, but I've been there till almost midnight, and many times after 11, and this isn't even peak yet. They are supposed to let you know by calling YOU, not the other way around. Typically the way they phrase it here, is they have to give you an hours' notice.