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    is this normal for seasonal driver......

    last week i worked only 3 days, mondays i never work because 'it is slow' and friday i didnt work i assume because of the same. i know im on the bottom of the list and the other drivers come first, but is this normal? i never say anything to my sup, i reply with 'ok sir i understand' but the truth is that i want to work. he told me it wasnt about my progress, that it was because they didn't need to those days. but to be honest, the more i work the more im learning my route and the better i'll be or the better i am. now that i dont work everyday i go back and am alittle cold with regards to my route. is this normal and should i expect this for the whole season? again i understand that those with senority have priority over me, i am just trying to understand the way it works alittle better as i do try to make it my best and continue with the company.

    as another comment, i had 1 late air the other day but i called it in, it wasnt my fault that it was late, i had a problem with the last stop before, not because of me but because of my stop, then i arrived 5-10 min late and had a late air, i called it in before to 'watch my ass' but is this normal and is this why they dont put me to work?

    one more, (sorry to bombard with so many question) is it normal to need help to finish the route, they give me the normal load and the 1st time i did it, but the other times i needed alittle help with the back end of my pick ups, is this normal or all drivers or just the new guys to need help?

    thanks for all the help guys
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    Till peak starts i try to in 4 day weeks . i still get 5 to 6 hrs ot.
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    Generally speaking new people go slower than seasoned drivers, so it is not uncommon for them to get help. I would think Friday would be a common work day for you, with all those 3 day weeken--I mean sick calls. Monday they usually run less routes, so don't expect a lot of work.
  4. helenofcalifornia

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    I would talk to the other drivers about ways that you could possibly have avoided that late NDA. That is a huge No-no. You will be driving soon enough, just gotta wait a bit longer.
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    Been driving for 9 years and always get help. It's either them helping me just finish the route or helping me make 5pm commits on business. they'll push everything and anything on you. work safe and follow all methods. take an AM/PM break and an hour for lunch. update the center at about lunch time on the shape you're in , if your over10 9/5 , need air meet etc. if you follow all that correctly and work consistently you have nothing to worry about the technology will do the talking and they'll start to dispatch you lighter