Is war inevitable?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by 804brown, Feb 28, 2012.

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    As long as oil drives our economy, war seems to be inevitable. :panicsmiley:
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    The discussion is more about war in general . More about humanity itself.
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    I don't believe war is inevitable but are we conditioned to war?

    The other question is world peace even possible of is this just a beauty pageant topic for the rest of us to laugh at? Consider the thoughts of former Army Captain and West Point grad on the subject if war is inevitable or is peace possible!

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    Libya went down because Qaddafi was going to back the Pan-African Monetary Fund with the gold Dinar and thus African countries could end slavery to the International Monetary Fund and it's exploitation of African resources as payment for loan shark debt service. And when Saddam made overtones of creating an oil bourse in which oil would be traded for euros, all of a sudden OBL became meaningless and the propaganda machine turned it's attentions to Saddam, the so-called WMD and all the other bullschitt we were told.

    As Jillian Assange sez: "Crush the Bastards" and I say GAWD DAMN RIGHT!
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    War is inevitable because the world is full of selfish, self-centered bastards called humans. From the cave on, it has always been. Pity the utopian who thinks differently. They chase a fool's paradise.
  8. LOL and OMG never heard this before "reserves the right to strike" soon we have to put the that R with the circle on countries.
    Netanyahu to Obama: Israel ‘reserves the right’ to strike | Washington Free Beacon
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