Isn't this "Falsifying records" and "Dishonesty"?

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    One day I was missing a NDA. Later, I received a message on my DIAD to call the center. When I did, I was instructed to put in the tracking number to that missing NDA and to DR the package. Someone from the center was coming down to deliver the package that was found in the building. Now, I didn't personally deliver the package but according to what was in my board I did. I believe UPS instructed me to be "dishonest" about who actually delivered this package in order to make service. If something happened to that package without my knowledge, I probably would be held accountable for it. UPS loves to accuse people of "falsifying records" or being "dishonest" Is this a case of it? Please tell me if I am wrong or if I am right!
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    You are absolutely correct in saying that they instructed you to be dishonest. I suppose you could tell them that you refuse to falsify delivery records, but in my eyes, as long as nothing comes from it, I would prefer to stay under the radar with supervision. I just prefer to avoid confrontation MOST days.

    Several days ago I had a misroute and my Diad died during the day, so when my boss came to give me the new diad I gave him the misroute and he had me scan the package and DR it and then he went and ran it. He didn't have a live board and didn't want to have to track down the other driver who the misroute was for.
  3. menotyou

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    It is both. Never do that again. Unless you personally deliver, tell them NO!
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    Yeah you expose yourself to alot of misery by helping them hide stuff. Now they'll come to you for other stuff they want to hide.
    No bueno
  5. Baba gounj

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    It's work as directed.
  6. menotyou

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    Not when it comes to falsifying records.
  7. barnyard

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    That could also be a case of interstate fraud. If the package was not delivered on time, but you have it sheeted before the commit, UPS is not liable to pay a refund, even though the service was not met. I wish a shipper somewhere would press charges.
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    The right thing to do in the OPs situation is to say to the supe that you will meet them at the address and sheet the package yourself. Can add a bunch to a day. I have taken the info, prerecorded it and told the supe to call me when they made the delivery and I would stop complete then. While it is easy for the supe to falsify, what has happened every single time is that the supe forgot to call me back. I can live with that.
  9. UnsurePost

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    NEVER call the center. Always message. And with your cell phone, always take a picture of the message asking you to falsify.

    Only then, WAD. :happy2:
  10. soberups

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    You are correct. It is a dishonest falsification of delivery records. They wanted you to put the stop in your DIAD because if they used a spare one it would show up as an additional route and it would make the center's Stops Per Car and Stops Per On Road Hour numbers look bad. I have been asked to do the same thing before and I refused to do it. If it happens again and they insist, tell them you will only do it if they put it in writing that you are being instructed to falsify a delivery record. My experience has been that the B.S. comes to a screeching halt the moment you ask them to put it in writing.
  11. soberups

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    We cannot be "directed" to do anything illegal, dishonest or unsafe.

    When in doubt, ask them to put it in writing.
  12. Jackburton

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    Amen. This is the same crap they fired a driver 6 months ago for because he called an OMS and he told him to sheet it and dr. No proof of conversation ever taking place and driver lost two panels so far.
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    This used to happen in my center from time to time. We solved it in a couple of simple steps. First, refused to do any action that is dishonest and illegal. Second, have a meeting with the center manager, steward and whoever the person is who asked you to do the dishonest activity. Finally, we called in and made a corporate complaint to officially document what was happening in our center. Labor started an investigation and all that non-sense came to halt.

    No more....can you sheet this and I'll drop it off.
    No more....don't sheet that up damaged.
    No more....if the customer isn't home sheet up the damaged package as NI1.
    No more....nothing.
    And if they forget and make a request like that...well, we just remind them of the investiation.

    Oh yeah, don't forget to file a grievance for the supervisor working. Its always nice when they have to pay me for bring out a late air package or shuttling packages that were left in the building.
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    you should never have done this. no member of management can force you to do anything unsafe or something that could be considered an integrity issue if they forced you to do so you should have notified a shop steward immediately upon arriving back to the hub at the end of the day. At the end of it all it boils down to cya my friend cover you :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. they will roll over on you quicker than anything so be careful in the future
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    ...and you call yourself superballs?
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    I've had this situation come up a few times, I've always handled it by putting the supervisor's name in the package notes so if any problem comes up with the delivery I'll have that to back me up.
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    We file for double time when a sup works. Also it is illegal for sups ( and other employees) that are not DOT qualified to move ANY commercial freight. By the way, how and where are they logging their on-road time and miles when they use non-commercials vehicles (personal cars, etc.) to haul commercial freight? The DOT Criminal Division would be interested in that issue and we've already called the DOT on this federal infraction. We also keep the pal label or write down the tracking number(s) for the work the sups moved and/or requested us to falsify. The center manager got suspended for instructing drivers to sheet misloaded packages as no-such-number, FUTURED-can you imagine?, and refused instead of missed. The divisional manager instructed drivers to falsify air commits as "weather" and told us to run them in trace (for 3 weeks!)because they wouldn't hire people before the "free period" and we would not have gotten finished with our routes had we made our commits on time because we were/are understaffed. Can you believe both of them still have their jobs and DARE to enfore Art 17 dishonesty issues against other employees? This wouldn't have happened before our stock went people would have been FIRED. I agree, use the DIAD to communicate, get pictures of the messages and call the 800-220-4126 ethics hot line. Take a stand. They'll be mad for awhile but courage will spread in your facility because you did. Our customers deserve more than this.
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  18. hurricanegunner

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    Please don't do that again. As you pointed out yourself, if that customer files a claim saying they did not receive the package, you will be held accountable. Misloads and left in building packages are management's problem; not yours.
  19. dilligaf

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    "Send me an ODS instructing me exactly what to do so I can take a picture of it to CMA!" :happy-very:
  20. bigbrownhen

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    Yep, ODS me the tracking info and the delivery instructions. I will work as directed.