ISP Contract: Can owners be full time drivers?

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    Long time lurker here, trying to research everything I can so any help would be greatly appreciated. Im looking at an ISP with Ground for sale with 3 routes, 3 drivers and 3 trucks. Ive been trying to find out information pertaining to owners being full time drivers. From what I understand its not exactly encouraged but its allowed. My plan would be for myself and my partner to both drive full to lower payroll costs for the first 2 years and then hire drivers. The other question I have pertains to driving requirements. I unfortunately dont have the 6 months necessary experience to drive, is there ANY way around this other than getting the experience by working as a temp driver? I have a 70 hour a week job now that increases during the holiday season so I would have no time to temp drive. Is there any school that could qualify you? If you obtain a CDL will this circumvent the experience requirement? Also for the owners in snow states, how much does weather effect your business? Are you expected to make all deliveries in extreme weather? (By this I mean Blizzard like conditions) Ive been combing the boards now for quite some and feel Fed Ex Ground would be an excellent fit as Im trying desperately to get out of the restuarant business and am not allergic to busting my a**, any additional resources of information about ground I would appreciate as other than this forum Ive found very few about Ground and its details.
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    Ask bbsam ... he is your best bet for solid info.
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    Hi Wilson. Welcome to Brown Cafe. It seems like the information you have is well informed. As an ISP owner, the company cannot forbid you from driving, but an owners nondriving duties can quickly overwhelm such an individual. And yes, the drriving requirements in your instance would be prohibitive. It may be possible to get a driving waiver related to educational experience, but I would definitely check for confirmation from local confirmation first. Get any answer in writing and verify it with Ground's regional safety department. That contact is easily found.
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    Thanks for the info guys. bbsam I sent you a PM