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    Hi. I’ve been a package handler for about a year now. 4 months ago I started a commitment with school that requires me to not be able to come in everybody Friday. I have been doing it for 4 months straight no problem because I came in all the other days and worked my ... off. Recently a new Full Timer came in. Said I just needed to provide a note proving what I was saying was true. Brought one in and he said I was good to go to not come in Friday’s. Cool. Don’t come in for 2 Friday’s no problems. I leave for vacation for 2 weeks only to find out he’s trying to terminate me and actually put a 48 hour on me until his boss took it off and said they needed to meet their staff numbers. Come back and FT tells me that he saved my job blah blah blah. All the PT Sups tell me that he’s the one who tried to get me fired. Next Friday that comes up where I’m not supposed to come in I get texts from his asking where I am. I explain the agreement I have and he says “No more deals Breh.... You come work for me or you don’t come back... I don’t care if you work here or not.. I’m holding you accountable for not coming in... Monday I will have an intent to suspend”. What I’m asking is if any of your guys have any advice. The vacation I took for 2 weeks was without any vacation time but I had already told the manager and FT 4 months ago so everyone knew and it was okay. I’m on Twilight right now and will Probably move to Night sort So I don’t have to miss any days but I’m just asking what to expect when I go in tomorrow.
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    What does your shop steward say? Did you not work this out with HR as well? Was this a verbal agreement?
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    Your previous management screwed you.

    They shouldn't have accommodated your school schedule.... let alone....

    allowed you to take 2 weeks of un-earned vacation time.

    What happens, when everyone else expects the same kind of special treatment ?
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    You're dead on Bug, but this is what happens when the pt job has little value. Since this is a big hub (twi and night sort) I'm guessing they're begging anyone to show so deals are cut.

    I've even heard of Feeder drivers walking out (w/o being fired) cause "their" tractor wasn't available!

    Dylan was right..."for the times they are a'changing."
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    Don't worry bro, take as many days as you need; the strong union definitely has your back.
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    1st you technically entered into a extra contract agreement with the company. Those are not allowed and like BUG said your FT never should have even done it. You should have found a different time/school to take that class on Friday.

    2nd if you have not been disciplined for your attendance at all I don't see how your FT can go straight to suspension. So I wouldn't worry but you do need to start showing up to work.
  7. Fred Clause

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    Yes it was a verbal agreement. 2 managers along with a FT said it was all good than this FT is getting cheesed off
  8. Fred Clause

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    Yeah that’s why I’m switching shifts
  9. Fred Clause

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    Yeah I haven’t been disciplined at all because everyone was cool and understood especially since I basically am the only reason my Primary runs the other days. I will be switching shifts
  10. Fred Clause

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    It’s a big hub when they hired me last year in July they said they cut special deals if need be and that’s UPS works around your school schedule
  11. Fred Clause

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    Lol what
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    just quit
  13. Fred Clause

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    Thought about it but tuition system works really well especially since parents pay for tuition and I get to keep the reimbursement check for $5,250
  14. Jkloc420

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    you will quit soon enough
  15. Fred Clause

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    Why do you say that
  16. Jkloc420

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    we at ups know many things plus this poster @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U told me
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    My hub lets one preloader show up 6:00 a.m. (break time) everyday and another person only works 2 days a week. Both of them tried quitting and were offered these deals several years back. When I was a preloader they wouldn't even let me leave 15 minutes early once a week for one semester for a class I needed to take but now they are just happy if anyone shows up.
  18. PT Crazy

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    The job is five days a week. No special deals.
  19. UnconTROLLed

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  20. MyTripisCut

    MyTripisCut “They” are coming for us.

    Honest question, what does happen? What’s the recourse for special treatment from management towards some members?