It only took 105 years

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    We were PCM'ed that UPS employees now get a discount on UPS shipping. It only took 105 years to get a discount. Apparently its supposed to be on UPSers. I havent looked yet, but was told 36% off of published rates on ground. Jim Casey may be rolling in his grave.
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    Apparently after 105 years of being the hardest working employees on he planet you have advantages. Perseverance pays off.
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    From UPSers:

    "By signing up for the new shipping discount, employees will save eight percent off Standard List Rates for UPS Ground services (comparable savings up to 37 percent off Retail Rates) and 16 percent off Standard List Rates for UPS Air and International services (comparable savings up to 25 percent off Retail Rates)."

    In addition, the UPS employee benefits at The UPS Store have been enhanced to include:

    • Five percent off Retail Rates for shipping
    • Pre-negotiated rates for print products and services
    • 15 percent off other select products and services such as packaging, mailboxes, faxing, and more

    BTW, who knows what Jim would have thought.... He didn't want to advertise. He didn't want to discount even for large shippers. He was a smart, progressive man and would have looked at the situations individually....
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    Thanks for posting this info. We did not receive word of this discount at my center.
    I went to upsers, had to set up a UPS shipping account. My wife can use it to ship.
    Also found the instructions on how to receive 5% discount at UPS Stores, which my wife frequents. We call it "earning her insurance."
  6. jaker

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    Still don't know I feel about this yet

    You take our turkeys away because of whatever reason and now after all these years you give us a discount for shipping

    Something don't smell right
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    Yes, Including going public and letting outsiders run HIS company.
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    (Pssst.....there is a new contract being negotiated.....)
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    I was actually ok with the loss of the turkey. Most people didn't take them anyway, So it was just a waste. Granted they would donate what wasn't taken but still.
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    bring back the Gold piece
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    I would rather have proper staffing during the operation, then run understaff.
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    Maybe I will start using us to ship now. I couldn't afford it before.
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    We used USPS last year, but UPS this year!
    Sometimes there was a $20 difference in shipping one pkg.
    This year was much better with the discount.......5 went UPS and one still went USPS.
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    See the new perk is working. :whew:

    I think it is great, and both sides win.
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    Couple of clicks and I have my 8% discount to my personal shipper #. Hadn't seen or heard about it. Thnx
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    Look at all these potential sales leads. Can I have a sales rep call you?