its a great day to buy a car

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    I found this very interesting in that I have been pondering the purchase of a new car.I have decided to keep my old car awhile and maybe take advantage of some poor shmuck in the near future that put 3 grand down on an impala or malibu,and lost his job. has a lot of these.
    I wish GM would come out with a groudbreaking new small car.
    One that would compare in quality and style to their japanese competition.
    Maybe its time to re introduce the nova...or the caprice,only this time around call it the ...........................??????????????????
    hey I dont know what the hell to call it...
    WOW I just had a brainstorm///the Chevy it yourself
  2. Dizzee

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    How would you find it in a mall parking lot?? :wink2:
  3. DS

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    because you designed it
  4. Dizzee

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    UPS actually pioneered this technology in the early eighties. Drivers kept misplacing them...

    The 1982 P-5 Chameleon (prototype)
  5. Dizzee

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    Another rare photo of the 1982 P-5 Chameleon (prototype). I believe this one was spotted in Nevada.