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  1. soberups

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    I cant believe it. The impossible has happened. We had a "virtual" timestudy done last fall (using Google Earth and GPS). The results are finally in and starting today I actually {GASP} gained time!

    In 22 years with this company I have never gained time. I have never known of anyone else who gained time. I didnt think it was even possible to gain time. I always figured gaining time was a myth, a legend, some freak lucky thing like Ed McMahon coming to your door with a sweepstakes prize. I didnt think it would ever happen to me.

    I supposedly gained .35 of an hour. Since I have lost almost an hour and a half over the last 15 years on this route, its nice to see that I'm finally getting something back.

    Now I am scared that I will get hit by lightning tomorrow.
  2. DS

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    You are more likely to be hit by falling space junk from the satellite that submiited this info than hit by lightening. So what does this mean sober,you will be punching out at 4PM running under with your full break?
    Good luck:)
  3. dilligaf

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    Will you have time now to take that extra break?:bigsmile2:
  4. feederdriver06

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    Don't worry driver........when it gets noticed that you have an extra 20 minutes of time I'm sure your management team will pile on some extra work. :peaceful:
  5. MonavieLeaker

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    At the Nashua, NH center 80%, NOT A TYPO, of the routes are gaining up to .60 When I asked the guy in charge about how this was possible, without sounding so surprised, he explained that the allowances given for points of delivery vs. truck location are now able to be adjusted more accurately with the GPS.

    makes sense.....


    Me, and a few of the other drivers came up with this.

    Management recently found out that there will be no raises or bonuses this year, no stocks either, and since when does something like that coincide with something actually be given back to the driver?? It doesn't.
    We figure that when the next contract comes up, the language of disciplinary action using technology will be taken out.
    The reasoning?
    UPS will spin that accurate adjustments were made for every route (they aren't lying) and these adjustments are now being used to gauge a more efficient reading of every run.(most of them anyways) With this being the case, and with drivers actually getting something in their favor for a change, the company will without a doubt spin this to their advantage.

    I ask all of you who have been doing this for any longer than 5 years....

    We are never doing our job the right way so why are we being given time??

    The other shoe will drop at some point.
  7. hurricanegunner

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    IE time studied the route I was running about 3 years ago. I gained just over an hour. I had spent the previous two years telling them the route was over dispatched and all they did was threaten me. After the time study, work came off.
  8. brownIEman

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    The point of the technology and developing it is, has been, and always will be to get a more realistic model for what is actually happening to help improve the planning process.

    But I expect most on this board will never believe that, so enjoy the conspiracy theories, I am sure there will be many, and most quite creative...
  9. brownmonster

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    People want fair time studies. If this makes them fair, then drivers should be held to the standards. Fair will always be open for interpretation.
  10. Hangingon

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    Then you would have no problem demonstrating your realistic model by actually working scratch on a route? Full lunch and all the proper methods (new safety one for us is to look under our car after every stop before starting)?
  11. trplnkl

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    The only reply to that (no conspiracy theory) is that regardless of the point of development, there will be managers that misuse the system for unintended reasons.

    Where have you been? This part of the argument has been discussed on here time and time again.
  12. Billy

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    Sadly, Google Earth can't see traffic, and other important issues that may delay our day. All I've seen it used for so far is for tracers. Every one at my center has lost more and more time while being asked to run more.
  13. brownIEman

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    sure, there are people of all ranks who will game the system, any system. That is no reason to abandon it, or pretend having no measurment system and no accountability would be better.

    and yes, I have seen that discussion in many flavors here, but the conspiracies are always part of those conversations as well.
  14. some1else

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    wow; we had some old style time studies done a year ago, and a mall driver was told he only gets credit for X number of steps (i can remember the distance). so he lost a ton of time because he is walking 2-3 times that far for the stops and gets no credit. anyone, ANYONE else that runs his route (even if they know it well) runs at least 1 hour later than him (20+ year employee yes he takes his lunch :happy2:). yet he is always 1.5-2 hours over? if he works hard enough to finish an hour before anyone else can he should be getting bonus. this is why alot of people dont like time allowances.
  15. pickup

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    if they really want to scare you , you will find a newly assembled three point seat belt harness in your truck tomorrow with a signed apology from your center manager about the delay it took in installing it.

    Twilight Zone intro.
  16. some1else

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    i know he has an obsession with 3 point seatbelts. but we had a driver go from an old p1000 t0 one of the new 146xxx series and he actually complained about the 3-point slowing him down lmao!
  17. pickup

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    as a feeder driver, I find that the 3 point can be detrimental in maneuvering as I like to swing my body a little bit in my seat to get a different point of view when I am turning and just when I need to , the belt locks my upper body into place. Still I would feel very naked and vulnerable with out it at highway speeds
  18. soberups

    soberups Pees in the brown Koolaid

    But in many cases, "no measurement system and no accountability" is exactly what we have.

    A flawed time study is chiseled in stone. It will never be corrected. Even if every management person in the building knows damn good and well that the measurement is wrong, they will still follow company policy and continue to insist that the "problem" is the driver.

    The idea that you can "study" an area for only one day out of a 7 or 8 year period and gain an accurate "average" based upon that is absurd on its face. When that "study" is done from behind a desk via Google Earth than the absurdity sinks to even new depths of idiocy. And, when that final product is so grossly and utterly flawed as to be a complete farce, the company's absolute refusal to correct it just adds icing to the cake of complete and utter stupidity.
  19. brownIEman

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    I course I would have a problem if I worked scratch on a route. I am not a bargaining unit employee, so I would get a HUGE grievance. No thanks.
  20. browniehound

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    I don't buy the notion of time studies and I'll tell you why. They are trying to apply an exact science to an inexact phenomenon. They ride or vitually ride with you for one day.

    This is just one example. I don't know how they are done today but in the past we were allowed a certain amount of time to select the package from the car. Say that we were given 15 seconds. At no fault of the driver, we spend 2 or 3 minutes digging the load for that NDA saver EDD says is on there.

    With the invention of PAS/EDD we are given no allowance to sort. What if its not on the truck? How long should we dig? Whats the time allowace for this? I know there is none.

    At noon I still have 100+ parcels in my load. It takes time to sort it and look for misloads and NDA savers. The logic of PAS/EDD ignores this and wants no sorting. How can we compete with that?

    This is what I think is fair. Give me my sup. up my but for 3 days, but give him me one day when the base (extra route) is cut for 1 day. He can't have it when I have no extra work for all 3 days because this is not reality. Let him step on me for 3 days and come up with a number. I believe this number is more acturate than any time study.

    Don't you agree?