It's a shell game with the work.

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    Yesterday, my friend in dispatch recieved two emails a few minutes apart from their managing director Jeff Walker.

    In the first one he talks about the resi reattempt test coming up. Gives a few details and ends with, "Although there are no direct impacts to dispatch, we should be aware of the test and review the documentation at the R3 website (keyword: R3)."

    Eight minutes later another email with, "Dispatch is really in the best place to work with couriers to insure these request (for reattempts), are successfully compleated, so beginning tuesday, September 4, I am asking dispatch to take ownership of and begin working the REA (Reattempt) queue type."

    So in essance, dispatch, (who is arguably overloaded with DEX03 research, holiday planning, Route focus initiative, trying to cover the same commitments with a greatly reduced workforce etc ), will be taking over another job function from the station CSA's.

    As their hours are further cut the agents no doubt will be told there just isnt enough work available for them.

    Just like Kinkos taking CSA jobs and the express freight being pushed to Ground, the shell game continues.