Its all just a sham.

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    It's OK.... I will say it for you.

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    I have come to the conclusion, that this whole HC is just one big fat nasty tasting pile poop. You have to look at the entire picture. look at the main players, where they stand and what they all have to gain. Here is my final conclusion on the matter. Actually my final post on it as well. Just tired of all the BS and game being played. Its all about money and politics.

    First you have to look at the motives for all players:

    • The Players:
      • UPS
      • IBT
      • Democratic administration
    • Motive:
      • Dollars for UPS
      • Dollars for IBT
      • Redistribution of wealth for the Democratic administration.

    Once the motive is recognized, you have a goal:

    • UPS:
      • Save money by eliminating healthcare costs. Put the burden on anyone other then UPS.
    • IBT:
      • Take over the healthcare expense that they know they will not be able to sustain.
      • Get more Union dues.
    • Democratic administration
      • Take over all healthcare and institute a single payer healthcare.

    Now you have the players, the motive and the goal you have to have a plan to reach the ultimate goals:
    • UPS/IBT: Operation Shock, Rally and pressure:

    1. [*=2]UPS sends letters to retires to show they mean business in regards to healthcare.
      [*=2]Start negotiations with a small window
      [*=2]Announce that UPS wants us to pay $$$$$
      [*=2]have hall/Hoffa put on the "rallies"
      [*=2]Present the Brothers with Teamcare
      [*=2]Leave little time from finishing negotiations and the end of the contract so that hopefully the new TA gets passed.

    • IBT
      • Get healthcare expense out of UPS and the union. Get hourly rate higher by saving UPS the HC $'s
    • Democratic administration:
      • Get a healthcare reform passed that isn't as bad as a total single payer system.
      • Get the Unions on board.
        • Get the Unions in control of healthcare
      • Get Unions to send letter asking for help in regards to healthcare.
      • Implement the single payer healthcare you wanted from the get go.

    Really not good at descriptions, but in a nut shell this is all a plan.
    UPS wins, because they are washed clean of HC. More $$
    IBT wins because eventually we will all be in a single payer HC, more hourly rate= more union dues.
    Democratic administration is one step closer to having one class.

    The negotiations were a sham. The rallies were a sham. The letter to Reid and Pelosi is a scam to get the single payer healthcare that they wanted from the beginning. Its all a plan. Not necessarily directly tied to each other, but in the end it is all just smoke and mirrors.

    Mark my words. In the end, we will all be in a single payer healthcare program. We will be making more money an hour, and the IBT and Democrats will still be holding hands.
    Thats all I got. Fire away.
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    I've always believed to find the truth you just have to "follow the money" which you have described well in your post - the dealings that happen behind closed doors with a handful of people ultimately controlling the financial destiny of hundreds of thousands. I don't think you've spun a consipiracy theory, I think you've just seen through the fog and see things clearly and thank you. I never understood why the IBT would ever let a profitable company off-load health care to the union - now I do and I find your reasoning to be quite sound. Now I'm feeling even more cynical about this entire TA. :angry:
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    Thanks. I was going to do a lot of editing and changing the post before posting it. Wanted to make it clear. I had no plans on posting it until it was ready and more clear, but a slip of the finger and I posted it before I was ready. Had to rush through it and I am not happy with the result. Not good at communicating to begin with.
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    Sen. Harry Reid: Obamacare 'Absolutely' A Step Toward A Single-Payer System - Forbes
    "Reid cited the post-WWII auto industry labor negotiations that made employer-backed health insurance the norm, remarking that “we’ve never been able to work our way out of that” before predicting that Congress would someday end the insurance-based health care system."

    The Unions would love nothing better then to have a government run healthcare system. Get the hourly rate higher.
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    I should of done an internet search before posting. This girl wrote just how I feel:

    [h=1]"Unions, Obamacare, and the Goal of Single Payer"[/h]
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    Isn't life?? I'm a little drunk right now but the last two months or so I e been more sober than usual and it's all the same. Don't put your faith in government or politics. Just live your life like your grandfather and grandmother did. Those were the best days to live as an American. Men were men and women were women. God bless
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    one item left out of message and I am curious to when it will be addressed.

    Rationing of Healthcare on one payer system.
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    You have no idea how I needed to be told what you just wrote.

    Thank you.
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    There's just one problem. The members where supposed vote yes.
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    Plus the unions are turning against Obamacare. We'll never get into a single payer system. Do you know how much money insurance companies will dump into a campaign to stop that? Our country can't afford what we have now. Adding a single payer system will effectively kill the American dollar. Personally, I have no issues with a single payer plan. None whatsoever. Canadians are the nicest ehffing people on the planet and deal with winter 6 months a year and are healthier than we are with their single payer plan. There's problems with every plan out there...including ours. At least with a single payer system everyone gets care of some kind instead of some folks getting emergency room care and kicking them out as soon as possible. In fact I think that the way insurance companies save money by denying coverages to preexisting conditions or denying coverage at all is criminal in the extreme. Obamacare is suppose to take care of those issues, but the bottom line is, it's based on a lie. Obama swore up and down that it won't be a tax. However, when the courts passed Obamacare as constitutional the twist was it's only constitutional as a tax. And did the masses get upset? No...they cheered. When people realize that they have a forced monthly bill or a tax penalty instead, they'll change their tune.
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    I think they should've voted no. A lot more. Great post KOC.
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    I know a few people that believe this is free health insurance.
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    407 is back!!!!!

    I'm in Vegas for a week. That could be my tag line until I leave!!!
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    I do too. The look of disbelief in their eyes is one of the saddest things I've ever seen when I explain how it works. My folks thought it was free insurance until I explained that my mom is required to be insured even though she's just a house wife. It'll be pay the penalty at tax time or pay an extra 3 Benjamins a month for coverage. They were furious.
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    No, the Unions are in bed with Obama. The "letter" from the unions is just a tactic. Obama, and Hoffa(including other union leaders) want a government run healthcare. Hoffa wants nothing more then higher wages for higher dues. Take healthcare off the table, and he and other union leaders can negotiate higher wages. Obama, wants a single payer healthcare system. They both win once they get it passed. Both have an agenda. I have watched many videos today that have painted the picture for me.

    Hoffa knew that if he came out and said "I want to move all Teamsters into a government healthcare plan" he could not sell it to the rank and file. The letter is the first step towards single payer. Well, second step.

    I feel like Glenn Beck with my connecting the dots approach to this, but it all seems so clear to me.
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    Look, while I don't entirely disagree with you, it doesn't make sense that Hoffa would back Obamacare and then turn against later. It's self destructive and has no strategic value in any plan or scheme. Most people are sheeple and would go with the flow with whatever father government comes up with. There's of course the silent majority but lets be honest...they've done more to destroy the country silently than the Dems and Reps have with their loudmouths.
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    Video 1)
    In-Depth Look - Labor Day - Bloomberg - YouTube

    Hoffa: @ 2:30 "its important to get something done and declare victory"
    Yea, just get something passed, declare know the old salesman saying, just get your foot in the door.