It's time for Teamster leaders to start representing Teamster workers

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Atomic_Smurf, May 22, 2013.

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    Teamsters are taking concessions on our healthcare as many have predicted since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The outlook for the years to come for both active workers & retirees is predictably even worse. Our leadership, Hoffa/hall may have decided to support the ACA with good intent as did many other unions but the promises made are far from what is materializing. As some of the unions that supported the legislation are reversing their public support, it may be time for the Teamsters to do the same but it's only going to happen if we, the rank & file, start asking questions & put pressure on our representation. While it may be too late for the setbacks in this contract, repealing the ACA is the only way we can reverse the inevitable deterioration of our employer provided health insurance plans. It's time we demand our union leaders refocus their loyalties away from Washington & back to the people that pay their salaries!

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    I agree but do you have a suggestion on how to do it? the union is so entrenched with politics it seems like a losing battle. we had a chance in the last election but the best they could do is Sandy Pope? there must be somebody out there that could change things around. A Mr. Smith as it were.

    Go google trends in unionism. the prospects are not good. unionism is dying. we will all be wage-slavers in coming generations unless........ unless their is a "tipping point" in the collective consciousness. a "we are not going to take it anymore."

    but I don't see that coming. corporations, Washington, and the money changes, found an excellent way to control the masses. keep people well-fed and give them "just enough" to keep them reasonably happy, and all will go along as usual. there will always be a 5-10 percent of the population that will try to sound the alarm ( like you ) but it will never be enough.

    it still could happen. it would take one man. a leader. a person who could "wake up" the people. where is he? or She? are you that person?
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    Harassment, intimidation, purposly breaking the contract, over supervision, threats, retaliation, not giving us a fairs day work, why does are union let UPS managment get away with this? Its way out of control and the union let it happen! Any job for that matter shouldnt have to deal with that crap let alone a union job. Do fed ex employees get treated this way. Why do we pay union dues?
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    It takes literally one minute to perform a Google search and find out, for example, Republicans are fighting Obama's appointments to the NLRB because the Right considers them to be "gifts to labor unions." Unions began fading as the Right grew in power -- an achievement propelled by turning the fiscally liberal South into conservative nation by clinging to extreme socially conservative values. But I'm always amused by the number of BrownCafe members who believe the compensation they earn is a reward by UPS for their hard work (the same ones dumb enough to believe UPS willingly wants to continue to provide FREE health care to them), as opposed to the CBA negotiated by a union.

    In five years, when the news reports "Your holiday shipping is going to get more expensive. UPS, the world's leading package delivery company, is raising its rates across the board by an average of 6%. UPS said the increase was necessary to keep up with its escalating costs. A UPS driver earns an average of $90,000 per year" watch how many people -- who've paid $15 to ship a fruit cake to Grandma in another state -- begin resenting the union...

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    Until the contract is settled, I suggest we open up a new forum: "Bi***ing about Health Care" since all these threads (usually by the same people) are redundant.
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    I give credit to our union for negotiating better wages & benefits than others on the in the industry but I don't let that blind me to the mistakes they make, especially when there have such great consequences. The company agrees to the wages & benefits not from the goodness of their hearts but because they need people to do the work. I'm OK with that because until capitalism existed, pillaging, plundering & stealing from others was the only way to attain great wealth. Capitalism allows one to gain wealth by serving his fellow man. Our union plays a critical roll in the balance of fairness/productivity but only if our union leaders remain squarely in the corner of those that they are paid to represent. Hoffa/ hall need to stop representing a Washington liberal agenda & start representing their Diverse rank & file memberships common workplace interests.
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    Ya'll think things are bad....NOW?......just wait til the TPP is passed.......(which will strengthen NAFTA....remember that?)
    NAFTA which negatively affect's wages/benefits collective bargaining as well as American labor unions.Basically corp's get their way.
    Jobs with low wages,no benefits,and NO CBA's.....
    Not good....not good at all. And yes ya''ll are asking the correct question why the heck are we paying union dues..(and their asking for an increase if im not mistakened) ...why are we paying union dues.....if this is what is obviously happening...
    Being sold out by Hoffa/hall..which is pretty obvious....From all of the talk...''putting their feet to the fire''...
    and the $90,$9, $ .09 cent speech....and no action other than what THEY seemingly want.
    To settle...EARLY...for a LOUSY deal....the question we have to ask ourselves is

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    We can only do it by standing up & speaking out. 90% of our coworkers have no clue of anything going on outside of the sports world so its up to those of us in the know to lead. I don't want to see big labor fail but if we don't change course soon our numbers will only continue to decline. Hoffa has DIVIDED our union into libs & cons with his hate speeches & all to common appearances on far left news shows, ignorantly bashing half of the people he represents. A union divided against itself cannot stand & I'm afraid our leaders are going to learn this the hard way. Who's going to lead our union? The members can, if they speak out loud enough.
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    As far as RTW goes, we haven't seen the 5k yr cut in pay that our union leaders threatened if it passed in our state. In fact we've seen an INCREASE in the wages of new hires for the first time in decades (admittedly because of the expansion of RTW states).
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    as Soberups and others have tried and tried to remind us, WE are the union. each member IS the union. it has to start with us. if you have a gripe , you have to tell every other member who will listen and then have them tell other members and then all get together and meet with your BA and demand action. Only then can we achieve the "tipping point" we need for change.

    I wonder if hall/Hoffa look on the discussions going on here? Sure there is a lot of apathy and they may be counting on that. However studies have shown that each person's outspoken opinion represents about 100 other quiet people.

    unless we start now and demand change the tipping point may go the other way.
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    Is there a vote of confidence for our union heads.? Like we have for steward,ever yr
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    You just had a vote of confidence for national union leaders in Nov '11. Hoffa won hands down. You get to vote for local leaders every three years, with few incumbents ever losing. So BC posters got it pegged and everyone else is nuts?
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    I would say that alot of the rank and file on BC complaining about the TA voted for Hoffa/hall. They just never figured that Hoffa/hall would accept such a crappy deal from UPS.
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    Sure they did and you did too right? The vote of confidence will be when this TA overwhelming ratifies. But then you'll complain the members were mislead, or enforcement is lacking, or raises only produced higher dues, or ...

    I didn't vote for Hoffa, but under his tenure and hall guidance, lots of UPS'ers have done pretty well.
  14. realbrown1

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    You must have missed all my posts defending TDU. I voted for Sandy Pope.
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    Sure as hell wasn't for Hoffa. Putz. I could see what was going to happen. Knew Hoffa would fold. Pope probably would have been a strike. Only
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    Let them resent all they want. Instead of being jealous and complaining about my $90K, why dont they push for their workplace to unionize so they can make $90K too. Plus i too do lots of amazon buying of books and such which creates lots of other ups jobs. That is called trickle up economics. Stop worrying about the jealous fools who want to bring us down to their clueless level. Keep making your deliveries and making ups more money!! We deserve every penny!!

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    Unions began fading when they stopped representing their members and wasted tens of millions of dollars of their members contributions from their respective employers . Remember wisc ? How about ohio ? The left has done nothing but pander to unrealalitic demands and the effect has been thousand of middle class union jobs gone. Remember, unions officers are management to
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    Hey Bagels please don't hurt him. He just dont know.
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    You better believe that Sandy Pope is the son James R. Hoffa never had. Hoffa Sr. is rolling in his grave knowing how gutless Junior came out to be.