J Balvin Wrote a Song for UPS. Watch the Video Exclusively Here


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J Balvin Wrote a Song for UPS. Watch the Video Exclusively Here - Rolling Stone

The reggaeton star is releasing “Juntos Imparables” as part of UPS’s Proudly Unstoppable campaign in support of Latinx-owned small businesses

J Balvin isn’t the star of his latest video; barbers, gift shop owners, florists, and street vendors are. In a content partnership with UPS — yes, the mail service, which funded, filmed, and branded the video — the Medellín-born star is highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit of his roots.

“The Latino community are beautiful, diverse, and hardworking people,” Balvin tells Rolling Stone, discussing the inspiration for the commissioned song, “Juntos Imparables,” and its video. “So many small businesses were devastated last year and I wanted to play a role in helping support the enterprising people who were affected by the pandemic.”

Issues related to Covid-19 disproportionately affected the Latinx community, according to UPS representatives, with 32 percent of the nation’s Latinx-owned small businesses closing during the first month of the pandemic. Since UPS works with many small businesses, the company said it wanted to call attention to problems faced by a variety of minority owners, including members of the black and LGBTQ+ communities. In this latest offshoot of what UPS calls its “Proudly Unstoppable” campaign, the company devised a video-based marketing plan to promote Latinx business owners, roping in the celebrity widely referred to as “the prince of reggaeton,” as well as TikTok, the epicenter of youth culture.