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    We were told the other day that we can no longer take vacation during the first two weeks of January. We have always been able to take these weeks in the past. Contract says they can reduce it to 5% of the workforce instead of the normal 10%. This happening anywhere else?

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    What does your contract/supplement say?
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    week ending the 3rd was blocked off . Obviously. Every thing else was open.
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    Use family leave act if in a jam.
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    Not here.
  8. They were probably blocked out because they were already taken by higher seniority drivers.
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    The Labor manager agreed with us drivers today. Said it should be reduced to 5%, not blocked out completely. He said it was probably a mis-communication. Who knows, could be just our manager trying to pull a fast one. I was just trying to gauge whether is was a company wide thing that was happening everywhere, or if it was just our manager going rouge. Looks like it was just our guy.
  10. Your manager sounds like a jerk.
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    He wore makeup?